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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Preston Sleep

Sweet Preston, Sleep,
as sunbeams dance above,
surrounding you with golden rays,
and wrapping you in love.
Sweet Preston, Sleep,
you've so much life to live
with future dreams to realize
and so much love to give.
Sweet Preston, Sleep,
In slumber as you rest,
we gaze upon your sweet tiny face
'tis we who are truly blessed.
Love, Mimi

God Bless You Our Little Miracle

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mosaics...How do you do that!?!?!?!? And Yard Sale Find!

I really want to do some picture mosaics, especially for my header picture. I don't have a clue how you are doing this! Also, your blog names are so pretty, not just in the standard placement, and all I know is how to do the standard way using the blogspot settings. Can anyone enlighten me here? My blog is outdated! Would love to learn!
Then, I found this print from the early 1800's at our friends yard sale. I Love prints of children looking at birds, and fell in love with this one. As you can see, it was quite worse for wear, but I didn't care I knew Ken could work his magic.
And he did! The holes are gone, the picture lightened, and now I have a wonderful addition to my pictures, will be beautiful on one of my crazy quilt pillows! If you would like to save this picture, go ahead! I don't blame you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Valuable Message for Furry Friends Friday!

Catherine, Corner of a Cats Mind, has an excellent post of what she did for her cats adoption birthday. Instead of the standard gifts for a cat with everything, she made a donation to her local humane society. I thought, as a volunteer for ours myself, that this is an excellent opportunity to spread the word.
Humane societies are always in desperate need of supplies. Here is a partial list, call your local shelters to see what special things they accept.
1. Bleach. Ours prefers Odo-Ban, others have different preferences.
2. Towels! Rags, anything to clean with, and towels also for cage beds.
3. Newspapers. Our shelter can never have too many. Several layers are put in the bottom of cages, and changed frequently.
4. Dog and cat food. Again, ask. Some prefer cat food with no fish, as this makes for very "aromatic" droppings! Pee yew!!
5. Kitty litter, another to check with your shelter as some prefer clay over clumping, since kittens sometimes like to eat it, and the clumping can kill them.
6. Dishes and toys for both cats and puppies.
7. Litter pans, and scoopers.
Again, check with your local shelters as they all have preferences, and most rely on the public for financial support. Please!! Consider a special gift as Catherine did. It will be most appreciated!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!!

Preston David Taylor
May 26, 2010
7.5 lbs., 20" long
Our Beautiful Little Boy!

Those tiny little feet!

A worn out Momma after an emergency c-section

Big sister Kayla with her new baby brother.

Aunt Robyn had a hard time parting with our little Preston, and of course I had to have my turn holding this precious addition to our family.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Pleasant Day

Posing for a picture, Miss Daphne and son. I managed to re-capture her today. She still has one more baby outside, but she moved him alongside the house near my craft room. It's well protected where it's at, so I'm hoping tomorrow it will come into the cage to eat. I did just have a great experience though that really warmed my heart. I heard the one kitten purring, and turned in my computer chair to see Daphne and all 3 kittens sitting withing 2 feet of me, just staring. That's the closest she has come, and the first time she ventured from the other side of the room. Getting more acclimated, I'm hoping this is the first step toward trust.

It was so beautiful out today, I sat on my bench under the tree and did some embroidery, and listened to the birds and frogs. It was so peaceful, quiet, and serene, I haven't been that relaxed in a long time. How was your day?

Mom's and Harley's

Couldn't resist getting a picture of Mom on my nephew- in- laws Harley. She was a good sport about the whole thing, even though she'd be foolish not to think it would end up here and on Robyn's Facebook page!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three Little Kittens and a Fun Saturday

Are they not the cutest? Have one more to catch, and recapture their mother who escaped. Yes, they've totally destroyed my craft room, but watching them play warms the cockles of my heart! Besides, I can always put it back together when they go off to the humane society.
Today myself and my 3 sisters went back to Metamora to visit Tisha's Needle Work shop, and to take some of her beautiful embroidery classes. We had so much fun, and now I have plenty of ideas for my quilt squares! I'll get started tonight!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Furry Friends Friday

Bobby spent the day at the beauty parlor yesterday for a good grooming and summer cut. And boy does he know he's gorgeous. He hasn't even attempted to take off his bandana.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time for New Life

Today was an eventful day, and a bittersweet one. Unfortunately, Benji died. I don't want to say the circumstances, just will say my heart is broken. He was only a few minutes from being released. I'm sick to my stomach.
On the other hand, I managed to catch Daphne and two of her babies. They're much younger than I thought, only about 4 weeks old. They're adorable! And scared, as is Daphne who has perched on top of my fabric rack. When I came home from filling the gas tank, I found one of the baby's also in the middle of the rack. The other, crouched between my desk and book shelf. Tomorrow, I will attempt to catch the last two, and the whole family will be reunited. Then will come the task of taming them! Wish me luck, I'll need it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Furry Rescue

Well, here I go again! My sister Kathy and I were in the front yard today, and she looked down and saw this little guy laying on his side on the ground. Half dead, I couldn't just leave him there, so we took him in the house. His mother is no where around, and it was obvious he wasn't well. Kathy knew the formula for baby animals, so I mixed some up. Tonight, he was looking better, and actually ate for me. He's enjoying the last of his dinner here. I hope he makes it, I'll see how he is in the morning, and see if he's eating clover yet.
I talked to Monica from the humane society about the kittens and their mother I named Daphne. She had me come and pick up a humane trap, and it's by the cats. The food is in it, to get them used to going in and out of the cage. Wednesday, I'll set it, and as she said, bring them into the house, isolate them, and get them used to being handled. When they are, they will go to the humane society, get their shots, worming, and blood work ups. Then they will be ready for their forever homes! Wish me luck, with the cats, and my little bunny friend I call Benji.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mom gave each fo her four daughters one of these letters on Mother's Day. I'll cherish it always.
Today was a hard day. Mom sold her car. Not because she wanted to by any means, but because she had to. Mom's car was everything to her. It was the last freedom she had. It meant that she could leave to go visiting, do errands, or just go for a drive whenever she felt lonely or bored. It was her lifeline. We knew this day would come, and dreaded it, but not as much as Mom. We understand the importance her car held for her. We understand where she is coming from. We understand the tears, the frustration, the hurt, and the anger. But Mom has to understand that it was out of necessity, it wasn't some cruel act by her daughters that made this day necessary. It was time. We will continue to be there for her, and make sure her life goes on as normally as possible. And hopefully, Mom will come to realize it was for the best, and find her freedom again.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

With-in the heart of every stray

Lies the singular desire to be loved.

Today I was able to get with-in three feet of the mother. I've named her Daphne.

Not quite as skiddish, it's been my experience that if I can gain her trust, the babies will follow.
She was actually able to relax, tuck her legs under, and not have so much fear in her eyes. Daphne isn't even a year old, she's still much a kitten herself. I'd say probably about 6-7 months old. It's so sad her life has been ruff so far. I hope I can fix that for her.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Day Find

Last night, while looking out the back, I noticed movement in a pile of old barn roofing. Peaking closer, I saw it was a mother and her kittens. Robin and I took food out to try and tame them. If successful, I'll clean them up and take them to the humane society. If I took them now they would be determined ferrel, and I'd hate to see them put down. The mom doesn't seem too bad, she actually fell asleep while I was talking to her. The kittens are skiddish so I hope since they are only about 5 weeks old, that they can be gentled.

I managed to get pictures of two of them, there are five babies. All are beautiful little kids!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ode to a Car, Though the Car Owes Me.

Ah yes. After over a week of staying home, safe in my house, not on the roads in my car with four bad tires waiting for a blow out at any second, my dear husband finally took it in to have four brand new ones to replace the balding, tread separating death traps. So my first venture out, was to take a little trip to my favorite shop in Metamora for some Iris embroidery floss (not available anywhere in the St. Clair County area) and fabric to work on my pillow top I started there the week before. A blustery day, it didn't hamper my spirits any as I tooled down the express way singing along to Susan Boyle.
Well wouldn't you know, just before and exit to the little town of Emmett, I heard and felt a huge thud coming from under my car. Not knowing what it was, I decided maybe it would be best to turn around at the exit and start back home. I barely made it off the exit, and drifted into a gas station. My transmition bit the dust! I couldn't drive! So naturally, I didn't have my cell phone with me, and had to ask the kind man boy working in the station to use his phone to call for help. With his cell battery quickly dieing, I left messages where ever I could think to summon someone to wake up my sleeping husband to come and get me. After almost an hour, I finally got a hold of him, he came and got me, and now my car sits in the transmission shop for God only knows how long. I won't miss church though. As uncomfortably embarrassing as it is, I'll take my husbands boat car, with loud exhaust, the back seat gone and bent rotors, and hobble into town. I'll just park far enough away so no one will hear or see what he calls a car! After all, it's Mother's Day, and I know the beautiful service will more than make up for my transportation.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Furry Friends Friday

As Mom used to say, "Sister, brother, love each other."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do Not Disturb....But I Did

I was going to save this for Furry Friends Friday, but I couldn't resist posting today instead. I came into the living room and saw Chip asleep in my chair. He opened his eyes and just kept starring at me, so I started clicking. What a little hair ball!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Metamora and Crazy Quilting

A few weeks ago, my sister Wendy and I went on a road trip to see what we could do close to home. Our destination was Seven Ponds Nature Center. But on the way there we were met with snow and rain, so we traveled up the road to a little town called Metamora, 45 minutes west of our Port Huron homes. There, we stumbled across the shop of our dreams, Tisha's Needle Art Studio. Today we went back to take one of the many classes she offers, Hand stitched crazy quilting. Excuse my strange picture, you know how it is when you're waiting for someone to click, and your face contorts!
Wendy and I, and our sister Kathy, had a great afternoon with Tisha, who taught us several different techniques. Look around the room, and see all the wonderful things she has for sale! It's hard to focus, your eyes just keep jumping around to take it all in! The shop is small, but loaded!
This is Kathy, I wish I had gotten the square she was working on in the picture, it was beautiful!
Our great teacher, Tisha, is helping Wendy figure a way to piece a part of her square. Wendy chose such beautiful fabrics, the light overhead kept me from getting good fabric pictures.
This is what mine looks like right now, I do wish I had chosen a bigger picture as my cat seems to be lost in the center. Now it's time to baste, embroider and embellish. I'll post some pictures as I go. Overall, it was a truly fun experience, and we'll be going back for more of Tisha's great classes!