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Monday, July 20, 2009

Men, Boys, and Life with Mom

I suppose I could ask, what is it with men and Harbor Freight? But the question could be answered with what's with women and Hobby Lobby?
Take for instance Sunday Morning. My niece and her family are getting ready to leave for their yearly July camping trip. Last minute trip to Harbor Freight is in order for hubby Jason. With triplet boys, turns are taken to go with dad, and today it's Jordy's turn. The 7 year old is anxious and excited it's his turn for a trip to the male testosterone store, and jumps in the car. After a delightful time with Dad, they come back with their treasures, some necessary and others the perfect find. Dad and son walk into the house, greeted by Robyn, who takes a glance at her boys.
Robyn, now perplexed,inquires, "Jordan, where are your pants!?" He looks down in horror, to see that in his state of excitement with going with Dad, he forgot to finish dressing! Yes, the poor kid, went on a shopping trip with Jason, in his t-shirt and tighty whities!! In their testosterone trances, neither noticed the lack of proper attire!
It brought to mind, when after my divorce, I registered my son in baseball. Then came the trip to the sports shop to by him his jock strap and cup. Well not being of the male persuasion, I knew very little of these except for their purpose. Chad also wasn't sure what it was, and when we got in the car he tryed strapping it over his nose and mouth. I had to explain that it wasn't a face guard, his second guess being a knee guard to which he was confused there was only one. Embarrassed when he finally understood, the next step was getting him to put it on before his practices. I placed the cup into the strap, he put on his uniform, and off to play ball. This routine was repeated for a few practices, when the coach noticed Chad was having trouble running. I saw him go to the outfield to talk to my son, and then walk over to me. "Mam," he said, "do you know anything about jock straps?" I had no idea where this was going. He was embarrassed, and then so was I as he explained that Chad had been wearing his cup UPSIDE DOWN! Oh the pain! What had I done to my son!? There was silence most of the way home from the game, then Chad broke it. "Mom, I think I'll ask Grampa about these things from now on." Good idea. If only I had thought of it first! Thank God my son can have children.
Foot Note: My son has no idea I wrote this. He shouldn't care should he?