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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Though not edible, I think mushrooms are actually kind of pretty.

Many of these were taken at my brother's house, 
where there are many different varieties that 
grow in the forest.
The colors are always vibrant.
As are these bright yellow fungi growing on a downed tree.
Or the varying colors of reds and pinks in this one.

I love the yellow in these, one of my favorite colors.

We always called these shelf mushrooms,
what the actual botany name is I don't know.

This one is kind of interesting,
though to me it looks like the 
start of penicillin!

Still elusive to me, is the  grand father
of all mushrooms, the edible
puff ball.  Sliced and fried, it's like
a giant steak.  One day, I'll find one again!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Feline Frenzy

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for animals. 
Cats to me are mystifying, beautiful creatures.
Past and present, here are my fur babies.
Toby and Tyler were feral kittens
living in our yard. 
It took awhile, but they have become
such sweethearts, and two big momma's boys!
Mitzi belonged to my mother, and came to
live with us after she pulled the string to
the EMS in mom's apartment.
Twice.  In one night. Imagine her 
surprise, when she was awoken at
3:00 in the morning with paramedics
and a stretcher by her bedside!
We lost our dear Mitzi a year ago.
Toby and Tyler laying in the sun together.
They were about 6 weeks old here.
Andy was sitting on the shelf of my heart book case,
peering at the other side.  See Tyler staring back at him!?
They are now quite inseparable.
Where you find one, you find the other.
And it's usually on top of the t.v. tuner.
Staring out the window at June bugs!
And of course my favorite of Toby under the tree.
Such a beautiful profile Tyler!
I hope you enjoyed meeting my cats!
If you click on any photo, it will bring
them up in large size.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Another of my favorite topics is the sun, 
here are some of my favorite sunsets.
This gorgeous sunset was taken over the pond down the road.
Over a farmer's field.
Sunset at a look out in the northern tip of Michigan's thumb.
Over the lake at Port Austin camp ground.
From another camping trip.
Again, a neighboring pond.  See the swan in the background?
Through the trees in our back yard.  It was glorious!
Around sunset a couple years ago after a very heavy rain.
This was not a stream or river, it was in my niece's back yard!  
It made for a beautiful sunset though.
Moon rise at my brother's house.
The sun going down on our property, I love the pattern on the lawn.
I hope you enjoy the photo's, if you click on them, it will bring 
them up in large scale!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Flora and Fauna

I also love taking photos from nature, the flora and the fauna.
If you click on any of the pictures, you can go
through them all on a larger scale.
Seagulls are abundant in our area,
 as we are on the shores of Lake Huron, and the St. Clair River.
My sister Wendy has some gorgeous flowers in her back yard,
This one in a friends yard.
I enjoy my flowers, and have grown many different species.
What can I say, I love chipmunks!  When my sisters and I go camping
I always take along a bag on nuts to feed my fury friends
that at times have followed me around the campground!

Apple blossom time in our yard.

Flowers and one of my gardens.  I really need to plant that one again!
 I love bumble bees.  They're so pretty, and to me add beauty to my gardens.

 Queen Anne's Lace.  It reminds me of sparklers.  So dainty!
 I really thought these guys were pretty when I first saw them, till I realized
these Japanese beetles were killing my plants.  Don't like them anymore!
 Dragon flies are in plenty at my brother's house,
 so many different varieties.  
Another insect that fascinates me.
 It looks larger in the picture, but this little
 hummingbird nest was in his maple tree.
 My morning glory's from a couple years ago.  They loaded my arbor!
 Love this little beetle!

Well Mr. Snapper that lives in the front yard drain, says greetings, 
while I say I hope you enjoy these pictures!