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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finished Heart Ornaments

I finished another heart ornament that will be added to my big tree, if I ever get the umph to put it up. I'd rather sew or play on the computer than get done what I need to!

Christmas Oddities Called "Gifts"

I was just visiting http://shoozles-wearyourart.blogspot.com/, enjoying her post on gifts from her husband. OOHH did it bring back some rather best left forgotten Christmas "gifts" from my dear husband Ken. (Yes I did just drop his name!) Let's see where to start! Ken, being a man, thinks on the practical side. I guess that qualifies the gas can with my name on it as a "gift." (Pictured) Yes, a plastic 2 gallon gas can. What woman doesn't need that!? Then, of course the standard vacuum cleaner one year, followed by a floor scrubber. I have made it quite clear in years since, that these are gifts for the house, bought as needed through-out the year. Christmas is when I get gifts for taking care of the house and him, sort of in appreciation, and let's not forget to throw some love in there? But I have to say the most embarrassing, and the most unusual was when one Christmas, in front of the whole family, I opened up a "Gift" to find a box of sanitary napkins! Practical? Yes, A gift the whole family can enjoy? Let's just say they did and leave it at that.
Any strange gifts out there? Feel free to share!

Pawzaar Totals!

I am so excited for this years totals for the Pawzaar! We did $13,062. That's with the snow storm on Saturday. We also were able to donate to 6 other charities from the left over merchandise. Even with the freezing temperatures and no heat in the building because of broken furnaces, my heart is warmed by the generosity of so many kind people!