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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fruit of the Vine

Some years ago, my father and uncle used to make balloon wine. No not made from balloons, a balloon was put over the bottle top, and as the wine fermented, the balloon inflated. When it was full, the wine was done. They could make wine from everything. Any fruit, dandelions, whatever they could think of to try. Well, what a treat today. My brother is visiting from up north, and was looking for finds in the basement. He came across this bottle of wine under the stairs. It has to be older than 35 years, as that is about the last time dad made any wine. Jay cracked it open, and what a treat! It tasted like sherry, but not as dry, and had a very nice aftertaste. So here's to you Dad, no wine was served before its time!

One World One Heart

Entries are now closed for OWOH. Thank-you to all who participated, and entered for my give away. CLICK HERE to enter the OWOH give away! Thank-you Lisa for hosting such a fantastic event! I will be taking entries til 11:00p.m., February 11th, and announce the winner the morning of the 12th, at 11:00 a.m.! Good luck to all of you who have entered so far in all the wonderful give aways!

The winner will recieve a custom wall quilt, approx: 26"x26". I will create it in colors of your choosing, with pictures you would like added. I will ask that pictures be sent in high resolution by e-mail, or send the pictures to me, to be returned with the finished wall quilt.

By clicking on the pictures you will see details. I will also add any embellishments that you would like to send, such as buttons, lace, appliques, etc. that would make your quilt special.
Because I went over 150 entries, I have added another give away!
As a second place, I have added an approx. 16"x 16" single square hanging, which can have 1-4 pictures displayed! Good luck!

It's Around the Corner, I Know!

It was time to put the snowmen away for the season. In anticipation of Spring, my little ladies to came back out to play. This little girl I bought at an outlet center. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her, and knew she had to come home with me.
I don't know how old this little girl is, I know she is older than me, so at least 55. She sat on a shelf in the family home, and I always loved her. So when Mom was going to toss her because she had fallen and chipped her hat, and a piece of her leg broke off (on the far hip) I couldn't let her go. The piece from her leg fell inside her, and I've never been able to get it out. But she is precious to me, and will be here as long as I am!