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Friday, February 5, 2010

Cream of the Crop!

Chad and my grand daughters on the steps of the Iowa state capital

"I only pass the cream of the crop, and you're not it." Those are the words my sons electronics teacher told him when he entered this class in high school, to pursue his dream of becoming an electrician. And to add insult to injury, it was only the second day of school. Chad was crushed, and felt quite defeated. It seems the "cream of the crop" were the popular kids, the kids who had wealthy backgrounds, those who the teacher felt buttered his bread more than the other students. Feeling defeated, Chad decided to not go to class, as transferring to a different class was not allowed. So he skipped. Every day. I received calls from the principal daily, stating that my son was a trouble maker, probably on drugs, and not a good student to have in his school. My son was none of these. He was a good student, and yes it was wrong to skip classes, but he felt he had no option, as this teacher pegged him as not electrician material from the get go. Eventually, the principal called and said he didn't want Chad at his school. Me being divorced, Chad felt his only option was to move back with his father to complete his school year. As bad as I wanted him to stay home with me, I understood if he was to graduate this was the best thing and his only shot at graduating. He went to his father's, where he signed up for the electronics class, same curriculum, and aced the class. What a difference a teacher makes. And a principal that gets it. After graduation, and a couple different jobs, Chad found an electrical company that agreed to hire him as an apprentice, since he had such potential, which was discovered in his class. He quickly went from apprentice to a journeyman, and then taking the test, a master electrician. Today he lives just outside Des Moines Iowa, and is the general foreman for all substations in over half of Iowa state. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of my son. He has a beautiful wife, and I have two of the most gorgeous, fun, grand daughters. If Chad had allowed his former teacher and principal to defeat him, this never would have happened. I love my son dearly, and if you live in an area of Iowa where there is currently no power, you better believe Chad is on top of it, and is working tirelessly to fix the problem! Go Chad!! I have your back!!!!