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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Bag, A Visit to TOPS

Well this bag didn't last long! I finished it before I went to my meeting, and my niece snatched it up when I got home! So I had it the total of one hour! Don't blame her though since it matches a black and white dress she has perfectly. I have lots more fabric, and found the cutest fabric at Joanne's to make another one.
The TOPS meeting was a disappointment since it was more of a social club than anything else. All the things that motivate, and make this organization work have been removed by vote from it's members. There are a couple more in town that I'll try while finding a meeting place to open my own. While talking to the area captain after the meeting, who runs a chapter the way it's supposed to be, the members lagging behind acted like I was going to rock their boat, which is not my intent. So upward and onward! I know the interim chapter is out there! Thanks again everyone! You Rock!!

Thanks Dear Friends! Back on Track

Thank-you so much my dear friends for your care and support. I so appreciate everyone of you. I take all of your concerns and advice to heart. In fact, when I was reading the comments, Elaine suggested sewing. So I made a purse.

I purchased the pattern sometime ago from Julia's Place, and had some special fabrics I bought from Hobby Lobby, and decided it was time to make one.

Then this evening, I'm attending a meeting of T.O.P.S., which I find meets in a church basement 3 miles from my home. I'll join there, until I can find a meeting place to open my own chapter, unless I really like the way this one is run. The area coordinator will be there tonight coincidentally, so I can get more info from her. Airing my feelings, reading it back, and "listening" to you, I decided if it's going to be done, I have to do it by my own will. With this group, and your compassion, I will have the back up I need. Thank-you again to all of you. I love you dearly! See you lighter!