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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Family Time...

The visit is over, too soon.
We laughed,
we became a part of history,
we celebrated love,
and life.
We witnessed nature's beauty,
and enjoyed each others company.
But most of all, we enjoyed being with one another as family.

It ended much to soon, but the memories are more than enough to last a life time. I love and miss all of you already, and can't wait til Christmas to be together again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chad and Jenny Celebrate Their Anniversary!

Such a beautiful couple, inside and out. I'm so proud of the both of them, they are my pride and joy.

Our Tara Turns 15

She's grown so fast, from a tiny cuddly little baby, to a beautiful young woman. God Bless You Tara, Happy 15th!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun Fun Fun!! A Visit to the Antique Mall!!

Sunday we went to the Brass Armadillo antique mall. We went here last year, and it's one of those places that needs to be revisited.
Tara and Kiley enjoyed sitting in the snack bar area, Brass Armadillo isn't exactly on young teen-age girls list of fun things to do!
Me in one of the booths, were so many nostalgic things.
Since Mom moved, she has wanted a white wicker rocker. While there, I found this one marked at $40! I went to my husband, took him back to see it, and in the 5 minutes I left it, it was gone! We went up to the check-out and asked if anyone had just bought it, and the lady told me the dealer just went out the door with it, she was changing up her booth! You're kidding me! We went outside to see if she was still in the parking lot, and she was gone! Really, she changes her booth out just as I find this rocker!? I was telling Jenny how bummed I was, when in came the dealer with the rocker! One of the employees went outside and tracked her down, she couldn't believe the rocker that sat there for so long, was wanted in the 5 minutes it took her to haul it back to her truck. I got it for $32. To fit it in the van, Chad folded down one of the seats.
Kiley sat in the rocker on the way home, with me singing "Beverly Hillbillies" to her. It reminded me of Granny Clampet riding in her rocking chair on top of the truck. We got home, and fixed a full course chinese dinner, from soup to nuts! Awesome awesome day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boone County

It was a perfect day for the Boone County Scenic Railroad ride. We didn't get the storms or scattered rain that was called for, the temperature was perfect in the low 70's, the leaves gave a show, and we had such wonderful family time.
We rode on the 1920's train, pulled by a steam locomotive.
The conductor was an excellent tour guide, we found out the mountains we rode through hid Bonnie and Clyde, and that moonshiners were rampant throughout.
Ken, settled in for the ride.
Going over the 150' high trestle was a riot! It gave a spectacular view of the mountains.

This picture was taken looking straight down to the Des Moines River bed.
When we finished our ride, the engineer of the other train let the girls come up and sit in his seat. What great photo ops! Here is Tara,
and the engineer. What a great, relaxing and fun afternoon, followed by dinner at Famous Dave's barbecue. The most awesome ribs I've ever had!! Tomorrow is the antique malls, Monday is Tara's birthday, Tuesday is Chad and Jenny's anniversary, then Wednesday we head home via the Chicago Field Museum. I hate to leave!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saylor Dam

Pelicans by Saylor Dam, in one of the streams
Seagulls flying at the dam.
Chad and Jenny, aren't they the cutest?
Tomorrow, the train ride through Boone County.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Beautiful Day for Bridges and Pictures

Chad took the whole afternoon off today, so we could visit two of the last 3 bridges. It was so pretty out, the weather was fantastic. The first bridge we visited was the Hogback, which was my favorite.

The Hogback was built in 1824, and is 97' long. It sits in it's original spot, and is named for the limestone quarry at the end of the river.

The wooden floor of the bridge really shows its age, I loved walking it, becoming one with its past.
The last we visited was the Cedar Bridge. It was also featured in The Bridges of Madison County. Built in 1883, it was burned to the ground on September 3rd of 2002. It was rebuilt with authentic materials, and to the specifications of the original bridge.

It's the only bridge that traffic can still travel on, as the picture of my little family driving through shows.
Here are some shots taken during our day trip.
Tara and Kiley.
Kiley jumping on the river bed below the Hogback.
She didn't know I was taking this awesome picture.
At the gazebo by Cedar Bridge.
Again at Hogback riverbed.
What an amazing, fun day!

A Visit to Quilter's Cupboard

My blog friend Kim suggested that since I was in Ankeny, that I check out this quilt store. So yesterday, we did just that. What a treat!! From the front, it looks so little, but once inside it goes on and on! Every room filled to the brim with so many great fabrics, and patterns for the best sewing projects.

I, or should I say Ken, bought me these two awesome fabrics, and a pattern for this really cute pin cushion weight with scrap bag attached. I can't wait to get the time to sew this, and I don't know what projects I'll use the fabric for, but they're great for my stash!! Thanks for the suggestion Kim, I'll be making another trip there before we leave!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bridges of Madison County

On Sunday, we set out to see the Bridges of Madison County. We saw three, but were only able to get pictures of two. (see previous post). The bridges were usually named after the residents that lived closest.

The Holliwell was built in 1880, and is the longest at 122'. It's still on its original site. It's featured in one of my favorite movies, "The Bridges of Madison County".
Ken walking down the bridge, gives you an idea of its length.
Chad and Jenny at the river bed below the bridge.
The Imes is the oldest of the 6 remaining bridges. It was built in 1870 and is 81' long. It was moved to its present location over a natural ravine.

I hope to get back to see a couple more, but if not, these two were fascinating!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day In Madison County

Today was a beautiful day for a drive, so we took advantage of the weather to go into Madison County. Our first stop was the birth home of John Wayne. Packed full of the history of his life, it would have been great to get pictures, but none were allowed inside. So we took advantage of the front of his home for some photo ops. He was born in this house, and his family lived here for the first 18 months of his life, before moving to another city in Iowa, then California.

Ken and I
My little family, Kiley, Jenny, Chad and Tara.
Ken and I and the girls.

We then went on a trip to see the Madison County bridges. We couldn't get pictures of the first one we saw, because an obnoxious family was playing in the bridge and wouldn't get out so that we could. But next to the bridge was this stone one, so I got these cute pics of my beautiful grand daughters.
By this stone bridge, was a road winding up to this old castle. It was built in memory of someone, I didn't see the plaque explaining. It was quite cool though, and we climbed up the steps inside. Tara and Kiley are looking out the top.

Ken and Tara at the very top. The stairs to the the top were quite rickety so I didn't chance going up that far.

My little family at the bottom.
Ken and the girls by the openings that look over the mountains.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the three bridges we visited. In all, it was a perfect day, ending with a dinner of home made escalloped potatoes with pork. Awesome, after last nights baked spaghetti. Lord help me not gain a ton of weight!!