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Friday, November 13, 2009

Quilting Nana is looking for a new iron. She has a concern with arthritis, and wants to know if anyone has suggestions or recommendations for an iron that is good quality yet lightweight enough for her to use. Please stop over to her blog if you have an idea for her. Stop over anyway, she is a very talented lady!

Furry Friends Friday

Hey it's Furry Friends Friday!I have decided to post pictures of my little companions on this day, and asked if anyone else would like to join in! Diane said yes, so go check out her little Rascal! Pearl and Wendy will also be here today, so be sure to check their posts too!

Hi! My name is Bobby..Mom was going to post about my sister Lucy today, but I was such a bad boy that she decided to post about me instead! Go figure, you're bad and you get a special place on a blog!
I'm a purebread border collie, who suffers from bordom if not constantly working to keep my home in a supervised state of madness. So today, I have been a little mischief maker. First, I barked Mom awake, not because I had to go out, but because the cat came out of the bedroom and I wasn't quite ready for that yet. So really, she had to go back into her little bed. That for some reason irritated Mom, I guess because she didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, and wanted to catch a few extra winks this morning. Then, I got into something that she doesn't know what it was, and I'm not tellin', and gee it came up on the living room floor while Mom was next door for coffee. It wasn't a very pleasant surprise I guess, because for some reason she started gagging. Then while she was in here starting her post on Lucy, she heard me getting into the compost bucket in the kitchen. Ah yes. How could I resist the vegetable scraps awaiting in their cute little containger. I guess she wasn't happy about the scraps, cores, and coffee grounds all over her freshly washed counters and floor. Really, though I'm not a bad dog. Mom found me, or should I say I found her, when she came to the post office one day and I jumped in her car. I don't know why, I'd been living in the car port there for 2 days, and never jumped in anyone elses car. I'd pester them when they'd get out of theirs, but she just seemed to be the person I wanted to live with. So she took my dirty, wet, skinny and hungry self home with her, Dad named me Bobby the minute he saw me, and I am living the good life now. Sorry for the mess ups today Mom, but hey I know ya love me, and I am definetely here for the long run!!!!