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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just Because It's Attatched to Me, Doesn't Mean I'm Attatched to It!

You know, when you reach the menopause part of life, and all the sudden you start to look like the bearded lady! What's with that!? Why all the sudden do you start growing chin and mustache hair? But more importantly, why do some women think because it's there they have to keep it and cherish it as a part of a major passage from fertility to freedom! I for one, don't want to go around looking like I enjoy having 5 o'clock shadow. I want the smooth nice skin I grew up with. My tweezers have become a best friend. We share the bathroom mirror every morning. At first dark, now it's as gray as the hair on my head, which makes it a little harder to spot. For me, waxing is not an option. Nor is shaving. So I'm thinking of the advertisements for Tweezies. It says if you can feel it, Tweezie will get it. And my tweezers can go for more general uses, like pulling out slivers and removing ticks from the dogs. If it works, I know some people who may be getting an early Christmas gift! (Or would that be considered tacky!?)