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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update on the Update That Was Updated!!

Well I just got back from the doctor, and here is the prognosis: severe tendenitis, arthritis, and narrowing of the something that I don't remember what he said.  Then he showed me where all these are located on my arm and shoulder, and gave me my options. First, a steroid shot. Forget that, they'd have to pick my fainted body off the floor. Second, take steroids for nine days, there we go, I can do that, if the syptoms worsen or don't seem to be getting any better during that time, I will have to go have an MRI done to see if it is the rotor cuff. You were right on with that one Lola! I told him I'd do that, and during that time I can do basically nothing with my left arm. NO lifting, crafts, driving, riding in the car, nothing!! I'm not supposed to use the computer unless I can comfortably type with one hand.  The great thing about all of that!? NO dishes!!!!! My husband will be slave to the kitchen, I will have to supervise though to be sure he is loading the dishwasher properly, I'm very picky about that!  And NO laundry!!  And NO cleaning the toilet or scouring the sinks!! Dear Hubby gets a taste of it all, and I get to be the boss! Ah life is wonderful. The pain in my arm is transfered to my pain in the.....well maybe I won't go that far, but after all he is retired and now he gets to see life on the other side of the fence. And he is a good sport.  On the down side, I get to walk around smelling like Pepto Bismal from the cream I must put on my arm, and up the hotflashes from having my arm glued to the heating pad.  but hey! It's worth it to be rid of it!