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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Valuable Message for Furry Friends Friday!

Catherine, Corner of a Cats Mind, has an excellent post of what she did for her cats adoption birthday. Instead of the standard gifts for a cat with everything, she made a donation to her local humane society. I thought, as a volunteer for ours myself, that this is an excellent opportunity to spread the word.
Humane societies are always in desperate need of supplies. Here is a partial list, call your local shelters to see what special things they accept.
1. Bleach. Ours prefers Odo-Ban, others have different preferences.
2. Towels! Rags, anything to clean with, and towels also for cage beds.
3. Newspapers. Our shelter can never have too many. Several layers are put in the bottom of cages, and changed frequently.
4. Dog and cat food. Again, ask. Some prefer cat food with no fish, as this makes for very "aromatic" droppings! Pee yew!!
5. Kitty litter, another to check with your shelter as some prefer clay over clumping, since kittens sometimes like to eat it, and the clumping can kill them.
6. Dishes and toys for both cats and puppies.
7. Litter pans, and scoopers.
Again, check with your local shelters as they all have preferences, and most rely on the public for financial support. Please!! Consider a special gift as Catherine did. It will be most appreciated!


Pearl said...

This is a fantastic idea I love it! I'll spread the word.

Diane said...

Great ideas, Laurie. I just got our Dog and Cat shelter's newsletter and they were just saying those things, too. They're short of everything. Thanks for the reminder. Pretty picture of your kitty.