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Friday, November 20, 2009

Furry Friends Friday!

Hop over to these other great blogs to see their adorable furry friends! And this isn't limited to just those with fur, but with feathers, gills, any pet you have or have had! Come join us!

Hey it's Furry Friends Friday! Have a picture of your little friends you'd like to share? Just leave a comment so I can link you over!

Hi! My name is Lucy. or when I'm into mischief, Lucy Loo. I'm a border collie beagle mix, and am the daughter of a stray that my Mom got from the shelter. When she took her in to be spayed, the Dr. found she was already far along in a pregnancy, and Mom didn't have the heart to take our lives. My brothers and sisters all went to good homes, but Dad couldn't resist my puppy dog eyes and floppy ears. So I got to live here! I love my family, and get along good with all the other creatures that live with me, except when they come in my space. I don't like to be bothered when I'm sleeping, and I don't hurt anyone, just give my warning growl and they leave me alone. In other words my bark is worse than my bite. I have a strange appetite, I LOVE to eat tissues, bath tissue, paper towels, basically any paper product will suit me just fine. My favorite food though is sweet potatoes!!!!! I drool and shake uncontrollably just at the scent and site of them! Mom and Dad always save some for me, I would be broken hearted if they threw away the scraps without letting me have my share first.
Though I have border collie markings, the beagle in me takes precedence. I'm short, floppy eared, and have what Mom calls, the most irritating howl that seems to just fly out of my mouth for no reason at all, giving everyone in the house a start! But I have to say, living here I'm the queen. I'm pampered, adored, and loved by my humans. I'm one lucky little dog.