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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dual Purpose

When we moved Mom to my sisters, I took possession of her once used craft basket. I thought is was basically filled with some knitting and some pillow top projects she once worked on. When I went through the basket today, much to my surprise I found lots of lace and trims, muslin and other fabrics perfect for backing my crazy quilting, padding, and a couple crochet books from way back. As a lace hoarder, yes, hoarder, I was quite pleased with my find. So I carefully folded my acquisitions and put them back into the basket. I also had a chair cushion I was going to put in the humane society bazaar box, but decided to put it on top to protect the contents, and also give Toby a new place to nap! Perfect! Of course it's up to him whether he wants to share his new bed with his brothers and sister, the same as me, if I decide to share my stash with my sisters! I guess.

Monday, March 26, 2012


This year I chose the word "Faith". Since my mother's illness, it seemed the perfect word. I stand by that choice. (Mom is doing well and should be out of rehabilitation therapy by next week!)
But many questions come up that I'm sure some of you can relate with.
Having faith, or relying on faith, is much harder when put to the test. How do you handle the worry and fear, after giving concerns for others over to God? How do you keep from taking back what you gave Him in trust, with faith that He will answer? And what if His answer doesn't come fast enough, or with the outcome one desires? Without going into any personal details, this concerns someone very close to me, with consequences that can be devastating if God doesn't intervene. I can't help but be in constant stress and worry. How do you stand your ground with faith in God to take care? Any feed back would be so appreciated.
Blessings to All

Friday, March 16, 2012

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Nap time for Andy, so innocent looking!

Weather or Not?

It seems the problem with blogger has been resolved, I was able to catch up on your blogs, and able to comment. Hopefully, that's the end of it.
Today was crazy weather wise. It's only the middle of March, and we've had the heat off for several days now. I've been able to open windows, listen to the song birds that are back already, along with the frogs and spring peepers. The trees are in early bud, hopefully they won't have a major freeze kill them off. This evening though, we had severe weather go through Michigan, with several tornado's reported in the SE. Dexter, MI suffered the most, with so much destruction. There's several days of warmer than usual weather coming this week-end and next week. Aside from the bad storms, it's awesome being in shirt sleeves!
How has the weather been in your city?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm here, just can't reach you!

For some time now, I have been trying to comment on your blogs. If I get on to them, Server Not Found pops up when I try to comment. Usually though, it pops up when I even tried to read your posts. Is anyone else having this problem?

A Boy, Faith, and New Life

My nephew Jake, had only one gift request this past Christmas, a goat. It was truly his faith and constant prayers for the answer to his dreams, that he received his special gift. On Christmas day, he was so excited to see his goat, which he named Lucy. As a bonus, Lucy was expecting. And today, she gave birth to her little girl.
Pure white, and full of spunk, she's adorable!
Jake couldn't be happier. First with Lucy, now his second blessing, Little Lily!