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Saturday, December 14, 2013

God's Timing is Always Perfect

Lisa from Ivory Blush Roses,has a beautiful blog that I have enjoyed for some time now.
 I've enjoyed her journey's, and her joy's and wept with her through her sorrows.
For several days, I have been following her progress on this beautiful 
cardinal pin cushion she was creating.  It's stunning.
Last week, she asked for my address to send me a Christmas card
.  When I went to the mailbox yesterday, I was stunned to find this gorgeous creation. 
 It had more meaning to me than Lisa could know. 
 Losing my mother that morning, I was not in the greatest of shape. 
 But this special gift I received was much more than expected. I'd say, a small miracle. 
 My mother loved cardinals, they were her favorite bird. 
She loved to watch them at the feeders outside our childhood home. 
 She also had a collection of cardinals that were displayed in her home. 
 Receiving Lisa's special gift, and on the day my mother died, was a true gift of love
  from both Lisa and our God. 
 How was she to know, when to send it so that it arrived when I needed it most. 
 A true miracle. You can read more about how this came about by clicking on her link, 
and reading her beautiful post.  I can't thank you enough Lisa, you, to me,
 are a true gift from God and I will treasure you and my pinchushion always.
 God Bless You from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Good-byes Are So Hard

Such a sad day today, filled with so many mixed emotions.
Mom passed away this morning, and
there is a void in our lives
that will never be filled again.
Mom, Dad and Marti have all been reunited,
and I can only imagine the celebration she felt 
to be with them, and her family again.
Though she is no longer with us physically,
I know she is in my heart to stay.
I love you Mom,
enjoy your Christmas in Heaven.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Good-bye is So Hard

After many months of hospitals and near death experiences,
my mother is going to leave us.
I've been struggling with losing her,
so close to the time we lost our sister.
And with the Christmas season here,
 what a terrible time to lose our Mom.
But after much prayer, 
I've come to an important revelation.
We may be saying good-bye to her,
but God is giving her the greatest Christmas
gift ever. He is reuniting Mom with Dad,
her sisters and brother,
and her mother and father.
What greater gift could He give her?
She is passing quietly, and will
soon be rejoicing with those
she misses so dearly. 
I will miss her, and the special moments
we were able to share with her
over the past weeks. 
but it's time for her to go,
There will be tears of sadness,
but I hope to have tears of joy
with the realization she is finally Home.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Visit From St. Ann!

So I'm sitting in my chair watching t.v. 
when I get a knock at the door. 
The dogs are having a fit as I go to answer it.
 I open the door, and this lady asks "do they bite?"
 No I said, and she walks in and asks, "where's the refrigerator?"
 What!? All I'm thinking at this point, 
is why is a waitress from Big Boy in my kitchen!?
 She walks to the fridge, and moves my magnets
 around to make room for this picture. 
Totally confused, I asked her what was going on! 
Well it appears my husband was eating there the other night,
(I was at a meeting) and the waitress, who is very chatty,
 commented on his Santa appearance.
 When he said he had cut his beard
 because he didn't want me telling him anymore 
that he should play Santa.
 So she puts her Santa hat on his head, 
grabs her red scarf and a sign decoration,
drapes him in all of it and grabs her camera! 
She took his picture, then in her way, gets the info
 on his name and where he lives, 
as she also lives in Ft. Gratiot. 
So she looked our address up in the phone book,
 and there she was! In my kitchen, hanging a picture on my fridge!
 I found out her name is Ann, we've had her as 
a waitress before. Ken was quite surprised to see the picture,
 but it is a good one!
(he does make one handsome Santa though,
don't you think!?)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 After almost 2 months I'm finally able to get back on my blog!! I've had more problems with blogger this year, hopefully this is the end of it. Now to catch up with all of you!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Can I Go Out and Play Mom?

Our neighborly goats, Lily and Lucy, 
came for a visit this evening.
I found it quite comical
when they came right up
onto the porch,
as if inviting Bobby 
outside to play.
What brought a smile
to your face today!?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

She Doesn't Look Hyper,.....

If you ever want an extremely hyper dog,
May I suggest to you a
chihuahua terrier mix?
I know she looks peaceful here,
but curled up next to me as we speak,
is a little girl having some fantastic dream
as she is running, barking and growling
in her sleep.  
Daphne is quite the little character,
and as hyper as she is,
yes trust me,
she brings us more laughs and
enjoyment with her antics.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Come on Blogger, Give Me A Break!

Blogger is not being nice to me! I've been trying for several days to catch up on your blogs and leave comments. So far, if it lets me get one comment in a day, I'm doing good.  Just know, I'm reading and enjoying, and will leave comments as I'm allowed!  Is anyone else having this problem!?

Friday, September 20, 2013


 Today was a special day for our family. 
A bench in my sisters memory
was dedicated at the school she worked at.
After singing one of her favorite hymns,
several children spoke of their love for her.
Her priest blessed the bench,
 and we posed for pictures.
 I love this stone that was placed,
I'd like to find one for my garden.
Martie's grandchildren
were also present.
It was a beautiful service,
she was so so loved,
and is greatly missed by everyone
at the school,
as she is here.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Before and After

 My sister Marti passed away four months ago already. 
I can't even express how much I miss her.
Her Memory Prayer Garden 
has really taken off, and through the months
grew to this beautiful, peaceful sanctuary.
I think Marti would love it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fur Babies and Nature

 Chip and Daphne love to play.
 Stalking a bug.
 Awe, a good morning kiss.
 I came across this mushroom,
 I've never seen one like this before. 
It's very pretty.
 I told Ken and Jason no more mowing off the path
in the wooded area, so my wild flowers could grow back.
 I love this little puff!
 and, my black eyed susans are back
My memorial prayer garden for Marti
has filled in beautifully.
It's become my outdoor sanctuary.
I'm packing up and going to my brother and sister in laws 
for a few days, see you later!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Meet Daphne

 Isn't she the cutest?
A tiny teacup chihuahua and rat terrier mix.
 Daphne was rescued from an animal hoarder, by my niece.
 She lived in deplorable conditions,
 flea ridden living in filth.
 but she's all mine now,
 happily playing with her new toys!
Daphne immediately stole our hearts.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Two weeks ago, I joined the little Methodist church in the small village of Lakeport.  My only regret, is that I didn't go with my sister before she died.  I love this church, and the people are so genuine and full of love and grace.  I take my nieces now, and today one of the members kindly took our picture outside the front of the church.  Aren't these girls precious!?  I just dropped them off at home, I'm wiped out!  I really need to get more toys, games, and activities for young hands.  They truly are the little delights of my heart.  How was your Sunday?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hollyhock Heaven

 I was so excited to see my double hollyhocks
that I planted last year, finally opened!
They remind me of tissue flowers,
the prettiest pinky peach.
I see I need to get more plants!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Time With the Girls

 My beautiful great nieces spent the week-end with me.
We started Sunday by going to church.
All ready to go, Kayla posed in her
pretty dress. Pretty dress,
on a gorgeous girl!
 After church, Jenna wanted to
pose in my cone flowers.
 She picked her own poses,
I think she did a cute job!
 She asked if she could take some
pictures with my camera,
so I set her lose. Above is
Robyn's flower basket,
 then one she took of me.
I think she did a great job, getting
this picture of a frog she 
found in the grass.
Then, she did a picture of herself.
I think she has some talent,
don't you!?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prayer Garden

My Memorial Prayer Garden
is growing beautifully. 
I've added a wrought iron cross
which makes it such a sanctuary.
I sit here several times a day,
just soaking up the beauty,

enjoying the hummingbirds
that frequent the feeder,

the songs of the birds
and the sounds and feel of the breeze
whispering through the pines.
Every morning and every evening,
this becomes my outdoor church,
the perfect place to give thanks and praise,
and lift my prayer petitions to the Lord.
I am surrounded by perfect peace.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where Oh Where DId My Little Blog Go!?

Well Blogger,
was this a joke?
Yesterday my blog disappeared,
and to think I lost almost five years of
posts and memories had me so upset!
Well, I don't know what happened, no  
matter what I did, it just kept coming up
that there was no such blog.
But lo and behold, today it's back!
Thank God! 
I hope this doesn't happen to any of you,
it's very disheartening.
So, I don't need the other blog I set up,
and will continue on!