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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Secret Millionaire

With all the negative programming on t.v. anymore, it's hard to find a good show. I just finished watching "Secret Millionaire". If you've never seen it, the premise is that a millionaire, posing as a man doing a documentary while volunteering his time, will visit an impoverished area in the U.S, get to know the people who offer their help and time, then donate money to those who do work from their hearts to aid those in need. Tonight was skid row in CA. Skid Row could be a city in itself. Fifteen thousand homeless street people reside there. Many have lost their homes, are handicapped, mothers and their children; the conditions were shocking. I was so touched by the generosity and love of people in their mission to help. One man handing out clothing, sleeping bags and hygiene kits gave a elderly gentleman with a walker the shoes right off his feet after someone sleeping near him on the sidewalk defecated on his. This show was so touching. You realize these are real people, living in real defestating situations. One hundred thousand dollars is split between those who are doing their best to help their fellow man. It makes me wish I had more to give, and more ways to help. So I will search. I know there are things we all can do that will make life better for someone less fortunate. Won't you join me?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friends and Family

Two things stay consistent in my life.
My furry children,
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and my blog family. Thank-you for being part of me.

Hearts and Hands for Sendai

Our moderators for Crazy Quilting International have created a logo for the Hearts and Hands for Sendai block campaign to aid rebuilding efforts in Japan. By clicking on the logo on my side bar, you will receive the information needed to participate. As stated before, this is for crazy quilt and traditional blocks. Please consider, they need our help, and love!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pretty But Not So Pretty!

Well we didn't escape the warnings last night, and as much as I'm so done with winter, I have to admit it is beautiful outside.
Heavy snow and ice brought the pine branches to the ground. Can you see the bird feeder in there?
Looking off to the east, the black sky shows that our Canadian neighbors are getting the brunt of the storm right now.
Looking down the trees that line the drive way, gives another contrast to Canada.
Outside the porch, our "forest" as the triplets call it.
Our front yard, yes it is pretty. For right now, but please! Enough already!

Oh No Not Another Winter Storm Warning!!

Yep that's what it is! And our county is right in the worst of it, and being close to Lake Huron is no help! St. Clair County is the first county north east of Detroit, the one covered in pretty blue. Well it's not so pretty outside! The snow is fast and furious, and my dogs just came in looking like snowmen after only a couple minutes. The warning is until 8 Wednesday night. Lord have Mercy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Backyard Bullies are Back

Blackbirds, starlings, grackles, they're back. I don't mind the red winged black birds, they are pretty and have a beautiful song, but the others I can do without. They chase my songbirds from the feeders, and empty it out so quickly. They'll toss the seed out of the feeder, and the ones on the ground clean it up. It's so frustrating! I wish there were a feeder that was black bird resistant!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring! Really!?

I woke this morning to the most glorious sound, the birds were singing! Yes, they're finally back, and it's the most exciting thing. I have missed them, and hearing their song is a true sign spring is really in the air!

I opened the windows to the pleasant breeze that is blowing in from the south, and heaven flew in! Nothing beats that new spring scent! Outdoors, my nephew Jacob plays a long awaited game of fetch with Logan.
In one of my flower beds, the first sign of new life is breaking through the soil. My irises!

And the snowbanks disappear into little streams through out the yard. Yes, Spring is here!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hearts and Hands for Sendai

Members of CQI, (Crazy Quilting International) are so relieved to hear that two of our members from Japan are safe. This has been such a stressful time for this country and the world. Our group is sponsoring a quilt project to raise funds for rebuilding this devastated area. It's open to quilters, crazy and traditional. If you would like to contribute a block, or would like more information, visit http://crazyquiltinginternational.blogspot.com/2011/03/hearts-and-hands-for-sendai.html
to learn how you can participate. Please consider, it's how we can use our talents to aide Japan.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

May 1st

Thank-you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. I decided to take Miss Pearls advice, and explain that she's coming here and why. She'll have her bird feeders outside the front windows and her bedroom, a flower garden, and be able to sit in the swing that her and Dad sat in every evening. She liked that idea. So Mom is moving in the first of May. We'll start packing her up after I get her room painted, and then move the rest of her things when I get back from my brother's house the last week of April. I'll be there from the 15th to the 27th, pet sitting while they go see their kids and new grand daughter. This will be a new experience for Mom, Ken and I, and we'll feel so much better knowing she's here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Role Reversal

When baby Preston was born nine months ago, Mom was happy to welcome a new little life into the world. She still had some pep, could walk without trouble, and seemed to be doing fine considering she was 83. How things change in so short a time. Today, Mom is frail, in poor health, and finding it hard to do the simple things she did even then. She has a Dr. appointment on Friday, to see if we can find out what is wrong. She can't walk short distances without tiring, she's barely eating, and spends the majority of her day sleeping. Her memory is getting worse, and she's just lost her lust for life. This concerns me and my siblings. So much so that Ken and I want her to move in with us. We no longer feel she should be living on her own, Mom really needs to have someone looking after her. She hasn't said no, is just concerned she'll be a nuisance. Ken and I don't feel that way. We'd rather have her here where we can monitor her. Where she is now, we can't. So please say a prayer for Peggy. We want her home.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


My chickens are on order, and will be at my brother's soon! I'm getting six layers, and hopefully a rooster. I really can't wait! At the end of April, I will be house sitting for him, and will be taking care of all the babies. Now to get my coop built, I did my own horse stall without help, or a nail gun, so I'm up to the task, with nephews in tow. They're eager to help and I'm more than happy to let them!