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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A New Tradition

Today was the first of many sister and friends get together to create ginger bread houses. Wendy spent several days baking the parts, and then we gathered to put our creations together.  
We started with a table full of candies and treats. Everyone contributed, and when layed out,
 it was quite the spread. Wendy spent hours making the house walls and roofs.
We all had the same pattern.  It was so fun to see
each persons individual interpretation of there house.
We all worked diligently for several hours. Rachel and her and ours family friend Ariel were very engrossed in the project. (Congratulations Ariel on graduating with your Bachelor's!)
Nancy moved right along with hers, being the
first to finish!
My sister Kathy, works on the roof of hers. I'll get a finished
picture of her when she has it set up at home!
Nancy's completed!  Isn't that the cutest?  She even used
cotton for smoke coming out of the chimney.
Sister Wendy, made this white an blue masterpiece! 
The details are amazing!!
This is Rachel's finished Candy Land theme. Adorable!
I thinks she nailed it!!
Ariel, who worked the longest, came up with
this masterpiece!  We were all amazed,
as she kept adding more detail, I mean look at the roof,
and the adorable little mailbox!
And this is mine. I melted down hard candies for the widows, which
really light up when a battery candle is 
placed inside. Wendy and Ariel also put the windows
in theirs. 
I think, for being the first time we have done this,
they all turned out fantastic!
We have decided this will be a yearly tradition.