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Friday, June 25, 2010

A Visit From My Grandaughters, and Furry Friends Friday!

My beautiful grandaughters are in town from Iowa, visiting their other grandma. Fortunately she just lives across the road from me! Kiley is on the left, Tara on the right. They're a couple of charmers with their parents sense of humor! My son Chad and daughter in law Jenny will be here next week. I can't wait!
Tara will be 15, and Kiley is 13. Growing so fast, and so beautiful! Another little charmer in our family is Kayla, my great niece. She was swimming in Robyn's pool last night when I came over. "Look Mimi" she said as she was showing her new swimming moves, "I can do the dog paddle." Then she turned over and started swimming and said, "and look! I can do the breast pump!" I almost peed myself!

I can't believe I got these two pictures of Tyler while he was talking to me.

Toby is getting much better also, after I get this wedding cake delivered Saturday morning, I'll be able to concentrate on taming them more. I read an article on line about taming wild cats, and all of the great suggestions you left, are in there! Thank-you everyone for you contributions to solving the taming issue, according to the article I'm right on target!

Then Lucy, got her head stuck in the empty cat food bag she took out of the waste basket. After running into everything, she just sat down and stayed there while I took pictures of her sorry self!

I also finished the pink pillow, and sent it to a blog friend who has had a few bumbs in the road this past year. You can see it on my crazy quilting blog!