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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I May Be Sensitive, but My Skin Isn't!

My husband has a hearing deficit disorder, or hdd. For some reason, he thinks I have sensitive skin. I don't. Not now. Not ever. I've made sure he knows this countless times. It started with my Dove soap. I love original Dove. I love the scent, I love the way it makes my skin feel, I always have. A couple years ago, I had soap on my shopping list. Same as always, Dove original. He came home with Dove for sensitive skin. What!? No original fragrance? Ken told me since I had sensitive skin, I might like that one better. Now there's one thing you must know about me. I have my favorites. I love regular unsweetened almond milk. not vanilla flavored, not sweetened. If I want peanut butter, I want regular, not reduced fat where they add a ton of sugar to make up for it. Regular V8, not high fiber or low sodium! Kitty litter in a box, not that bag with the narrow opening that weighs 42 pounds. I'm very specific. Ken loves to go shopping, I despise it. Going with him is a chore in itself. He's been know to sit down on the floor in front of the peanut butter, and compare prices. So when he comes home with something "different" because he thinks I'll like it better, I'm not impressed. And when he does, it isn't just one of the new thing to try, along with my preferred, it's in bulk. I still have 10 bars of the soap he bought. No thanks.
So last night, he took my list of 3 things. Almond milk, Bounce or Snuggle dryer sheets, and English muffins. Well he knows better with the milk and muffins, and I thought he knew, after all these years, what dryer sheet. I was wrong. He came home with unscented sheets for sensitive skin! What!? Call me weird, but I happen to like the scent of dryer sheets in the laundry area. I like it when I walk past the dryer vent outside and smell the perfumed air. And, again with the sensitive skin! I don't have it!!!! So why don't I go myself? I detest shopping, and therefore am my worst enemy!