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Friday, September 14, 2012

God's Purpose

Yesterday, I discovered so much about our purpose here on earth.
It was a very emotional, with a huge spiritual awakening for me.
My mother is currently in a nursing home
to gain her strength back after'
being ill. She will be coming home next week,
but in the mean time it has been very difficult for her.
She is tired, misses being with her family, and very
depressed and emotional.
I went to visit her , and found her in tears.
Besides her extreme yearning to come home,
she was experiencing terrible pain from
a bad flare up with gout in her wrist. It was very
difficult to comfort her, but hugs and a lot of love
helped ease some of her pain.
In the bed next to Mom, is a wonderful woman
named Arlene. My heart goes out to this poor lady.
She is in pain all the time, and has limited movement
in her hands. Yet, her faith and spirituality are what
keep her going. She and Mom support each other,
pray together, and share their love of God.
When lunch came, Mom wasn't hungry, and ate
very little. When I asked Arlene how she was doing,
she said she was having her tray taken back.
I asked if she too wasn't hungry, she answered,
"I'm very hungry, but my hands won't work."
I went to her bedside and slowly fed her, and
helped her drink her juice. It was a very humbling
experience. In between bites, she stopped and said
"When I was hungry you fed me, when I was thirsty
you gave me drink." Tears came from her eyes. "Bless You".
I gave her a kiss on the forehead, "God Bless You Too, Arlene."
After knowing they were settled for a nap, I left for home.
On my way out, there was a young woman sitting on a bench outside
the doors, in total distress. I stopped to ask her if she was alright,
and through her sobbing, told me her boyfriend, only 44,
had just died, with her at his side. My heart just broke
in half for her. The pain was more than she could bear.
I sat down next to her and just held her. I talked with
this broken, devastated soul praying for the words to say.
I mean, what comfort can we be to a total stranger at
such a tragic moment in their lives? Yet, the words came,
and we shared our love and faith in Christ even in death.
I stayed til I knew she would be ok til her son arrived to
help her clean out his room.
I cried on the way home, so touched with the days events,
and so sad for Mom, a friend, and a total stranger.
Then, I opened this e-mail from Guideposts when I got home:

A Time to Think

Make no mistake about it, responsibilities toward other human beings are the greatest blessings God can send us.—Dorothy Dix

A Time to Act

Cherish your purpose in life.

A Time to Pray

Lord, keep me alert for opportunities to ease another's suffering.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. Even without seeing this before I left to see Mom,
God knew I would need this reminder that we are put on this earth
for one reason. And we all have this same purpose:
To Love our neighbors, and to be a testament to His love.
We are His tools, and through us, he will preform miracles,
provide love, be a comfort and give peace to the weary.
Thank-you God, and Bless all who are suffering, through those
who love you.