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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Group!!!

Quilting Nana, of Creative Urges, posted of a new group that gives the incentive to finish Christmas projects for 2010! I was so excited to join, as I have many projects to complete before Christmas! I received Hobby Lobby gift certificates for Christmas this year, and spent the day Saturday stocking up on clearance fabric, and supplies for projects. So when I saw this, I couldn't wait to join! Now maybe, I'll get more accomplished this year! Thanks Quilting Nana! See you on the site!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Gift Bags For Marwood

Debbie from Marwood, my grand daughters, nephews Jason and Jacob, and Ken, all with some of the 86 bags.

Again this year, our family put together gift bags for those in Marwood Nursing Facility who have no family. Thanks to my family, and with a special donation from my daughter-in-laws parents, who are also friends, we were able to deliver 86 bags! Everyone this year who had no one, received a special gift bag on Christmas morning! What a blessing it is to continue this 20+ year tradition. Marwood looks forward to our call every year, all of us, this is what Christmas is all about.
My grand daughters Tara and Kiley and myself.
My sister Kathy, holding one of the completed bags
Little stuffed animals ready to go to a new home.
Here is my family, participating were from the top, my nephew Jacob, his mother Robyn, my son Chad, myself, Kiley, Kathy, Mom, my daughter in law Jenny, Tara, Jordan, Jason, and my husband Ken on the floor. My sister Marlene took the picture. We had the best time! And I'd like to add a very large thank-you to Ross and Terri. You helped make a lot of people happy this year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Second Trip to Chiropracter

Well I just got back from my second adjustment, and had my x-rays reviewed. What a mess. I have I believe she called it degenerative arthritis. My neck is a mess, but caught in time to reverse it. Another year it would be iffy. I broke down while in her office, after my adjustment I just started crying. I told her I'm depressed, in such pain, my husband is no help, my house is falling apart, and I'm so tired from not being able to sleep because of the pain. She came and hugged me till I could stop crying, and said that it will take a few adjustments since it's so bad, but she will work at this aggressively to stop the pain and get the arthritis under control. I go back tonight for a free adjustment, so hopefully I can sleep better tonight. She showed me pictures of my spine compared to a healthy one, and I was mortified. What a mess. I love my chiropractor, she's so empathetic, helpful, and truly cares. I also go back on Friday, and one more time next week before she leaves for Christmas vacation. If anyone doubts spinal column health is something overrated, think again. Then head to a chiropractor before it's too late. I think this was my warning to go get it taken care of. Thank God I listened.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank God for Chiropractors, And What's With Pajamas!?

I went today for my appointment, and what a great experience! She is just an angel, had me call my Dr. to get my ex-rays so she could save me money on having new ones taken, and did a quick adjustment today til I get them on Monday. I feel a lot better, though sore, as she said I would be. But I can turn my head without any pain, and can actually hold my head up again. The pain in my shoulder is still there, but not as bad. After more thorough adjustments that will be gone also.. So right now I'm so relieved. I know there is a light at the end of this long dark tunnel, and I can't wait to feel good again. Today was a great start!!

Now on to more serious business. I would really like to address women and wearing pajamas in public. You've seen them, they drop their kids off in school wearing them, they go to the post office, the store, anywhere their errands may take them. So here are a few questions my sister and I would like to have the answers to. If you wear yours in public, sorry if I offend!
1. Do you wear the same pj's during the day that you wore to bed last night?
2. If so, do you wash and put on clean underwear? (If not, Ewwww!)
3. If so, when you do the previous, is it really that difficult to just put on some pants?
4. Is the bed you climbed out of clean?
5. What is the proper foot attire with pajamas? Tennies, boots, bedroom slippers? I haven't seen heels though, How do you decide?
6. When did it become stylish to don your nightwear in public!? What's next, negligees?
7. Have you ever looked at the bottom of your pajamas? Do you notice the dirt that has adhered to them?
8. If you keep them on all day, do you change them before you go to bed? Or is that when you put on your jeans? Or do you just go to bed naked and save them for the next morning?
9.How do you differentiate between daytime and night time pajamas? Do you wear your raggy ones to bed then switch to errand pajamas when going out of your house? Or do you wear your good ones to bed and we the public get to view the raggy ones? I mean how are we supposed to know the difference?
10.Are you at all embarrassed to wear your pj's in public? If not, WHY!?

These are just some thoughts from an inquiring mind. In the mean time, I'll stick with wearing mine to bed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This was sent to me by my sister Kathy! Thought it was too cute not to share!
Dear God,
Please send some clothes for all those
poor ladies on Grandpa's computer.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Totals!

We received this e-mail from our Pawzaar director today, and I'm so excited about this. As I said, this is one of our biggest fundraisers, and the results were the best ever!

Well guys, hold on to your hats...when all money was recounted our new grand total is:


It's not unusual for the final totals to change but this is just fantastic! And we haven't heard how much we are getting from Billy Boy's Diner yet. (Billy Boy's is a restaurant that donated 10% of meal totals from patrons who presented a coupon that was handed out at the Pawzaar. They saw an increase in business, and new patrons, we reaped the benefits.)

This is the highest amount we have ever made at any Pawzaar in it's 27 years. One year we did $16,000 but that was because a gentleman who always gave us $2000 at Xmas time gave it to us at the Pawzaar that year (of course we flipped out). But this $15,728.60 was all earned thru your hard work. The display was spectacular, we probably had the most stuff we've ever had and we had the hardest working, best people working in the world!

This will help buy lots of food, medicine, toys, spay and neuter of lot of little guys giving them that wonderful second chance at their new forever homes.

You guys are the best!

Judy :-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pawzaar Total!

Chip in my raffle spot!
Pawzaar Totals!!!
Raffle Tickets $2005.
Pictures with Santa $781.
Sales $11,919
Grand Total? $14,705 for the care of our shelter residents!
I look forward to this every year, it's our biggest fundraiser. I can't believe the generosity of so many people in donating their items for this cause! We fill a whole vacant store to capacity, and when the doors open the first day, the crowd outside waiting to come in is huge! This year, over 100 were standing in the cold, starting over an hour before we opened. For anyone looking for ideas for a fundraiser, consider something like this. It just grows larger every year!
On another note, if you noticed I haven't been commenting on your posts, it isn't because I haven't tried! Aside from only a couple blogs, my computer won't let me! If I try, the whole thing crashes. I have been enjoying reading everyone's posts, and wish I could reply! Has anyone else had this problem?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Chip and Santa 2009

I had the best time at the Pawzaar this year! I got SO MANY special treats, of course I'd look at Mom first to be sure it was alright to take them, but she said OK, and then the belly and ear rubs! Wow! So many different people asking if it was OK to pet me, kids that gave me lots of kisses and I of course gave them back! I loved going in the break room with Mom, that's where I got to smell all the great food, and every time I sat up, someone would give me a special treat. When I got home, I went to my little bed and stayed there all night. I was so exhausted! I can't wait til next year already!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Furry Friends Friday!

First off, let me thank all of you for your kind words and prayers. I take every line to heart, and so appreciate you all my dear friends.

I'm a little late posting today, it was the first day of our humane society Pawzaar. Because of my shoulder, I have a sit down job, no lifting or working the registers or the floor. There were over 100 people lined up at the door this morning waiting for us to open! The flood gates opened, and I couldn't believe the sales in the first 2 hours. Over 3000. dollars! It will be interesting to see what the total was for the day.

Now, onto Furry Friends!

Hi from me, Chip! This is last years picture of me with Santa, and I can't believe how I've grown since then! And harrier, so Mom says, but I'm beautiful, I know that because she tells me enough. Tomorrow I get my new picture taken, and can't wait to see it, and to show all of you! I get to stay with her all day and get lots of pats on the head, and lots of comments on my sweet little face!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I was to have my MRI. So after being on the phone with Blue Cross Blue Shield for TWO HOURS, I found out though our insurance covers it, we have not met the deductible, so we would have to pay for the entire procedure. At the MRI facility. We don't have that kind of money. So, needless to say, I couldn't have it done.
I'm so frustrated. This is a dead end road. I'm stuck with this condition now, as we've gone as far as we can trying to get it treated. I don't know what else to do. To think of going through this forever is more than I can bare. To any who don't believe we need some kind of government health care, I say walk a mile in my shoes. Or the shoes of any who go without medical treatment because they have no insurance coverage and can't afford to get any. And for the blue collar workers who toiled their life away, because they couldn't afford to retire and lose what health benefits they had. (A friend of Ken's had to work into his 70's to care for his chronically ill wife because he would lose his health care when he retired. They were penniless when he did, because he had to purchase high premium insurance just to keep her alive.) There is no easy fix. My only hope is to move to Canada. Not an option.
I always said I would never take a political stand on this blog. And I'm sorry if I offend anyone. I hope I lose none of you as friends, but this is also a journal for me, and I'm really upset right now.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm dreading tomorrow, have to go for my MRI. I'm so tired of being in pain, just want it to go away. I think of those with far more serious matters, and feel so selfish. I guess when you can't move around freely, it's hard to not get depressed. So I offer a prayer up for all my friends and family who are trying to cope with health problems. For those who have chronic illnesses, for their spouses or family members who are ill. May God give us all the faith and grace to endure, and healing in our bodies, spirits, and minds. Join me won't you? Amen