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Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Visit From St. Ann!

So I'm sitting in my chair watching t.v. 
when I get a knock at the door. 
The dogs are having a fit as I go to answer it.
 I open the door, and this lady asks "do they bite?"
 No I said, and she walks in and asks, "where's the refrigerator?"
 What!? All I'm thinking at this point, 
is why is a waitress from Big Boy in my kitchen!?
 She walks to the fridge, and moves my magnets
 around to make room for this picture. 
Totally confused, I asked her what was going on! 
Well it appears my husband was eating there the other night,
(I was at a meeting) and the waitress, who is very chatty,
 commented on his Santa appearance.
 When he said he had cut his beard
 because he didn't want me telling him anymore 
that he should play Santa.
 So she puts her Santa hat on his head, 
grabs her red scarf and a sign decoration,
drapes him in all of it and grabs her camera! 
She took his picture, then in her way, gets the info
 on his name and where he lives, 
as she also lives in Ft. Gratiot. 
So she looked our address up in the phone book,
 and there she was! In my kitchen, hanging a picture on my fridge!
 I found out her name is Ann, we've had her as 
a waitress before. Ken was quite surprised to see the picture,
 but it is a good one!
(he does make one handsome Santa though,
don't you think!?)