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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ode to a Car, Though the Car Owes Me.

Ah yes. After over a week of staying home, safe in my house, not on the roads in my car with four bad tires waiting for a blow out at any second, my dear husband finally took it in to have four brand new ones to replace the balding, tread separating death traps. So my first venture out, was to take a little trip to my favorite shop in Metamora for some Iris embroidery floss (not available anywhere in the St. Clair County area) and fabric to work on my pillow top I started there the week before. A blustery day, it didn't hamper my spirits any as I tooled down the express way singing along to Susan Boyle.
Well wouldn't you know, just before and exit to the little town of Emmett, I heard and felt a huge thud coming from under my car. Not knowing what it was, I decided maybe it would be best to turn around at the exit and start back home. I barely made it off the exit, and drifted into a gas station. My transmition bit the dust! I couldn't drive! So naturally, I didn't have my cell phone with me, and had to ask the kind man boy working in the station to use his phone to call for help. With his cell battery quickly dieing, I left messages where ever I could think to summon someone to wake up my sleeping husband to come and get me. After almost an hour, I finally got a hold of him, he came and got me, and now my car sits in the transmission shop for God only knows how long. I won't miss church though. As uncomfortably embarrassing as it is, I'll take my husbands boat car, with loud exhaust, the back seat gone and bent rotors, and hobble into town. I'll just park far enough away so no one will hear or see what he calls a car! After all, it's Mother's Day, and I know the beautiful service will more than make up for my transportation.


Diane said...

Oh, Laurie, You make me laugh even when it isn't funny.

I'm sorry about your car, maybe even sorrier about your husbands.

I hope you have a beautiful service and a very happy Mother's Day. You deserve it. Diane

Tolentreasures said...

What determination! So sorry about your car. If there is a bright side, I lost the transmission out of a car in South Carolina one time, had to leave it there, rent a car to come home and go back the following weekend to get it. 12 hours each way..48 hours of driving in two weeks and we are not going to even talk about the $$$$, but a couple of great weekends in Charleston. Happy Mother's Day!


Jayne said...

Oh, my Laurie! Isn't it always something? I do hope you can get it fixed soon and can be back on the road with your brand new tires. Happy Mother's Day!

Kim said...

Lucky for you that you were able to drift into the gas station! I've been in your situation--before cell phones, which made it hard. Have a nice Mother's Day!

Melinda Cornish said...

can you believe it? here is to a speedy transmission fix so you have a car again! Happy Mothers day......

Pearl said...

Oh Laurie I'm sorry to hear about this burden, when it rains it pours. Well I guess if there is a bright side you have new tires?! Wish I could help if I was rich I'd send you the money for a new one! Happy Mothers Day sweetie!