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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Night time Visitor

While sitting in my living room tonight, I heard my hens making a terrible racket. When I went to investigate, they were all at the side door. As it is well after dark, they should be tucked in their coop. Being free range, I allow them to come out of the pen and into the back yard, though their grain is within their pen. So what was the problem! Why weren't they on their roosts already!? Because when I went to make sure the pen door was open, this is what I found inside.
This possum was happily chowing down on my girls feed!
Bobby had gone out with me, and when I saw what he had 
cornered, I hurried him back into the house. I mean this big
guy was baring some pretty ferocious teeth!
When Ken came out to see what all the noise was,
he grabbed a rake and shooed it out the gate.
It took quite a while, but the girls finally
decided it was safe enough to go back to the roost!