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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Cathy from Tolens Treasures is trying to finish some projects before St. Patrick's Day, and wanted to know if anyone else had such projects! Have I!!
1, 2, and 3 Complete winners give aways from OWOH
4. Baby quilt before Robyn leaves for Alabama to see her new niece.
5. Wall quilt for my niece Becky.
6. Tooth Fairy boxes
7 and 8. Stuffed bunnies I've been promising my granddaughters for over a year! Shame on me!
9. I bought the fabric for a quilt along, and then didn't! I want to finish it.
10. Felt Advent Calendar. I need to start on that, it takes quite a while to finish, I work on it all year between other projects.
11. I started a felt Christmas wall hanging for Becky last year, and still haven't finished it~

That's what I have right now. I really need to get these things done before I'm tempted to start something else! Which will most likely happen since my car automatically pulls into Hobby Lobby!

Winter Lock Outs

Sharon just posted a very funny story of how she was locked out of the house today. Go read for a good laugh! It also reminded me of a time I was locked out. It was last winter, one of the coldest nights of the year. I let my dogs out for the last time, which was 1 in the morning. To get to their leash, I go out onto the 3 season porch, through the sliding glass doors that connect it to the house. I was in my bare feet and my nightgown. We kept a board in the kitchen to jam the door at night since the lock didn't work at that time. It was leaning against the wall, and when I got out onto the porch, I heard the board drop! 0 degree weather, and I'm trapped on the porch! There was nothing else I could do, so thank God Robyn lives next door. So I did what I had to. I walked the 300+ feet to their door, no coat, no pajama bottoms, no shoes. Ice on the ground, and it was snowing to boot! By this time I got to the house my feet were raw. I opened the door and could barely walk in the house! Robyn and Becky were watching the end of a movie when I wobbled into the living room. Robyn turned and all she could say was What the Hell are you doing!! Is it time for the home!? After all, what would you think if you scantly clad Aunt came busting through your door at 1 in the morning during the middle of winter!? I explained the situation, much to their amusement. Her husband thankfully was able to break in. Where was Ken? He worked midnights! And, he fixed the lock right after the "incident".
So what about any of you? Have you been locked out before? Please share. Why should we be the only ones to bare our grief!!