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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Time Away

Those of you who follow my blog, know that one of my most cherished times are the ones spent up north with my brother and sister and law. Tucked in the national forest, where much of the land is untouched with the destruction that man brings, sits their country home. This is where Jay, (known to others as Jim,) and Cheryl have carved out their lives. Raising chickens for food and eggs, him teaching primitive skills across the U.S, and she, his wife of 35 years, also works hard, as they live their lives as devoted husband and wife.
The trip this time, was very special. For two weeks, I sat their dog Ralph, and the chickens, all of which I have become attached. As Ralph is diabetic, he must have his shots and food on time, and I was most happy to take care of him. We became inseparable companions.

The chickens also became acquainted with me, and I would stroke their soft feathers every night before they went to bed, roosting safely in their coop.
But this trip was even more special, as with no cable television, and in complete solitude, I was on my own personal retreat.
I enjoyed walking the property, observing nature and what she had to offer. A little bird nest, still sits on a tree branch from last summer.
The trees reflect in the pond, where the spring peepers and multiple frogs, kept me entertained with their chorus.
Objects, placed by nature, offered photographic ops without adjustment or purposeful placement.

But what I received most, was the opportunity to contemplate life, purpose, faith, and self. Whether on a bench by the pond, or the porch of their cabin which Jay built himself without assistance of modern technology, silence was my friend.
To sit quietly, just you God and Nature, is one of the most spiritually cleansing experiences. Problems are worked out, forgiveness's are made, conclusions on where life is going are forged. I've come to realize during these days, that everything is ok. Getting ruffled on how others do things is now a thing of the past. Everything works out, we have our own ways to cope, and those ways need to be respected. I've learned that Can't and Won't are two words that need not be used if I want to progress in any of my life changing decisions. I have learned that God is my Spiritual Director, and if I am to change anything, it must be with His help, and not anyone else. That my failures are mine, and the blame belongs to no one else, and that to be happy within, I must seek the outward things that bring that conclusion. I don't need to see or dwell on morbidity, hate, and injustice to know that it is there. The most I can do is pray. The least I can do is nothing. I've learned that family is there for us to love. They are not to be a subject of gossip, disappointment, or anger. Support and love must replace biting words, not words that bring destruction to others through a back biting tongue.
In summary, I laughed, I cried, I forgave, not only others but myself. I feel stronger than I ever have.
I only hope that each of you, my dear friends, have the same opportunity to be totally alone for a time. What you take from the experience will be personal to you, and different than mine. If you can't go on a retreat, please at least take time from your day to sit in total silence, and listen to the voice of your spirit. Then go forth in peace. God Bless all of you.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Home, Rested, and Ready to go Back?

I'm home from my most awesome personal retreat ever. I have so much to talk about, and after gathering my thoughts and adjusting to the rat race I've had to re-enter, I will post again, hoping that all of you have an opportunity to experience the same solitude that was mine over the past two weeks.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

On Vacation!

Well I'm off to my brothers for 2 weeks, and will be back at the end of the month. Ken will be on his own, which he of course doesn't mind! I won't be posting often, as their dial up is quite slow. But when I get back, I'll have pictures to show, and stories to tell! So everyone have a wonderful Easter, God Bless!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank-you Everyone for Your Encouragement!

Yes, you can sleep knowing you're still my little boy, Toby. Daddy has agreed to have you neutered. You're one lucky little fella that he likes you so much. So May 2nd, you'll have your pre-op exam. It won't hurt for long! And hopefully, you'll quit your habit, and I'll be able to sleep too!! And don't worry, Tyler's day is coming soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Toby!!

I feel like a failure. And I learned a big lesson. I saved these kittens thinking I could tame them and they could get good homes through the humane society. When that didn't happen, I convinced Ken to let them live here, and Toby and Tyler became part of our family. It was up to me however to earn the money to have them neutered, wormed and get their shots. Finally able to have a garage sale to earn the money, I set the date for May. Too late. Toby has turned into a real tom. He's spraying in the house, destroyed a chair, and crys out of control all day and night. With females in heat outside, his main goal has been set. Get outside. If I let him out, I'm putting his life in danger. If I take him to the humane society he will immediately be put down. Plus the chastising I will get for keeping cats I couldn't afford the medical for. So now I'm stuck. In my case, what would you do? Seriously, I need some answers. This is breaking my heart.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Miss Lost Her Self

Am I behind the times, not with it, or old fashioned? I'm referring to childrens beauty pageants. I've watched in amazement, Toddlers in Tiara's, and Little Miss Perfect, and am shocked at what these mothers put their daughters through! Today alone, I saw one woman put her little girl through tanning treatments which she does on a regular basis. There's some melanoma in the making. Another who spray tans her daughter, a child wearing caps so her missing teeth don't show, and a little girl cringing as her mother rats her hair and makes her sit still while ten tons of make up are applied to her little innocent face, making her look like a hooker ready for the streets. One girl, slipped on some of her beads during her Wow Wear part of the competition, and fell off the stage. The first thing her mother said when she reached her daughter who was in obvious pain, to get back up there and finish. She was hurt! They weren't sure if she broke her leg or had a bad sprang! So after taking her back stage and putting ice on her leg, they put her limping self back on stage to finish. When she came in second, the tears flowed because she messed up by falling. It was pitiful! The mother and judges equated it to getting back on the horse. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent for clothing, wow wear, make up, consultants who train them how to walk the runway and perfect their talents, (whatever talents a toddler to 10 can possess) gas money to transport their little show pieces to the competitions where a handful of parents sit and coach them from the audience. And all for a grand prize of a trophy and a thousand dollars! I've seen some of the rudest children ever, and those who cry because they want nothing to do with fulfilling their mothers lost dreams of stardom. Then, when they lose, they are little basket cases that wonder why they aren't good enough. Then on the news today, a woman is defending giving her 8 year old beauty princess botox treatments all over her face. She says every mother should do this for their daughters. I don't think it is I who has lost her mind. I think it's these women trying to live through their daughters. At their expense. Am I wrong? Or just stuffy?!