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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What are we Coming to?

I have sworn from the beginning that I would not discuss politics or religion on my blog. Nothing stirs controversy more than airing views or beliefs that are personal. Yet, I can't keep my feelings to myself any longer. I am so disappointed in the behavior of the far rights that are tearing this country apart. Spreading fear, unfounded beliefs, disrespect and hatred toward our President. Causing uproars, disturbances at public forums, doing all possible to bring down the ratings of a man who was elected as our leader, in order to accomplish their own agendas. Where is this coming from? Why is this slander being spread throughout this country? What kind of people follow the rantings of a celebrity radio host, who himself proclaims he wants our president to fail? Where are those who oppose this behavior in the name of their political party? What happened to decency, respect, bipartisanship? I have cried so many tears, out of hurt, pity, and pain that our country has come to this. I ache for a man that took this job, was elected by the people, spoke to millions gathered at his inauguration, and so loved, only to be chastised, criticized for the most ridiculous reasons, the latest being today for addressing our students, encouraging them to study and stay in school. I listened in disbelief at the parents who were keeping their children home from school because of the ridiculous fear instilled in them that he is another dictator. I can't watch or listen to the news anymore, it hurts so badly. I can't open e-mails from family members who chose to send this garbage knowing my views. I don't know if anyone reading this right now disagrees with me. If you do I can't apologize. It's time to come together as a nation again, in support of our President, not in hate, and so often in the name of God. It's time to stop.