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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Living in the Light I Find

Ladybug, Living in the Light I Find, has a beautiful blog I would like to share with you. I became fascinated with its beauty. Her writing ability, gentleness, empathy and serene thoughts will uplift you, her pictures amaze you, her quilting is awesome, and you will go away feeling so refreshed. I went through all her older posts, it was like reading a really good book. I add her to my other favorites, those of you who offer so much to my life. Hop over and see if you feel the same way!

Craft Nook

Finally, I have just finished stripping the old wall paper. What a chore! I was going to paint right away, but with projects pending, I am going to wait till the weather gets a little warmer so I can open the windows. Right now, I'll get my newly organized things back into the room so I can start my sewing projects for my OWOH winners! I'm so anxious to start! I can live with white walls for a while longer, at least they are stripped and clean!

OWOH Winners!

Using the Random Number Generator, here are the winning entries! 77, Ottilias Veranda from Sweden, 9, Alpaca, Chook, Garden... of Australia and 40, Ladybug of The Light I Find. Congratulations ladies! Thanks to all who entered, what a fun, interesting event! I have viewed so many amazing blogs. So many interesting and fascinating people. I'm still visiting, even though the event is now over. Thank-you Lisa, this has been a terrific ride!!