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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three Little Kittens and a Fun Saturday

Are they not the cutest? Have one more to catch, and recapture their mother who escaped. Yes, they've totally destroyed my craft room, but watching them play warms the cockles of my heart! Besides, I can always put it back together when they go off to the humane society.
Today myself and my 3 sisters went back to Metamora to visit Tisha's Needle Work shop, and to take some of her beautiful embroidery classes. We had so much fun, and now I have plenty of ideas for my quilt squares! I'll get started tonight!


Diane said...

What beautiful little guys they are.

A friend of mine has gone through the same thing over at the city part. She walks through there, then she feeds them in the winter because she could not sleep at night thinking they were out in the cold, hungry. Then with the city's help she traps them and they go to new homes via the dog and cat shelter. But she has never been able to trap mama. She's just too cagey. So the cycle begins again. Diane

Diane said...

I mean city PARK - not part. Diane

Melinda Cornish said...

are you able to touch and pet them? they are dolls and you are doing a great thing!!!

Sharon said...

Hi Laurie, I have been reading all your posts. You are so sweet to help the kitties. We took in a cat (Ms. Midnight) who was left behind by some nasty neighbors down the road. She was terrified and pregnant. She blessed us with 9 kittens all different. I had them all neutured etc. and found homes for them. Momma still lives with us,going on ten years now. I am sorry about your sweet bunny. We took in one too but that's another story. We had Ms. Lilly Bun Buns for many years. You and I are alike. Have you ever thought about naming your home Noahs Ark. I know I have. LOL

Kim said...

The kittens are so lucky to have you to take care of them. I'm anxious to see what you learned to help you with your quilt!

Catherine said...

Oh my gosh...cute cute cute! That's what these kitties are. Indeed ~ the craft room can always be reorganized ~ the enjoyment of watching the kittens have fun is priceless!

xo Catherine