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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toby and Tyler

The day came. The day I hoped would. Toby and Tyler are now tamed. So yesterday, I went to talk to the director at the humane society. "Laurie," she said, "I want to show you something." As we began to walk, the tears welled in my eyes. What I saw was more than I could stand. Room after room, cage after cage, of kittens. Cats. Every age and stage of life, but mostly, kittens. Play rooms, c bank, incubation room. All full. Housed in this building are at least 100 young cats, and a few adult. Their future? Hopefully to find a forever home. "For every 3 that may go out in a day, 15 may come in." Heart sick. That's all I could feel. Prognoses for Toby and Tyler? Grim. As wild cats, only used to me, they would go mad if put in a cage, surrounded by cages of other kittens, they wouldn't be able to handle it,and at that point the only option is to be put down. I can't, and I won't. I was offered an option, and will take it. Tomorrow, they are going to the humane society for worming, blood work up, and shots. Next week, they will be neutered. From there, they are coming home. Against my husbands will, but the other option is more than I can bear. With 33 years as director of the humane society, she had hoped to see a change. That pet owners would understand the importance of having their pets spayed or neutered. That they would be responsible. Yet year after year, from early spring through October, hundreds of kittens pass through the doors.

These babies have had a rough start. They took a long time to trust, and though Toby (left) is totally tame and the loudest purrer on the face of the planet, Tyler still has a ways to go.

As it stands now, these are Andy's babies. He bathes them, talks to them, disciplines,reprimands, teaches, and plays with them. He's their daddy, friend, and companion. He would be beside himself if they left.
So they won't. For now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Camping Trip

Our day began on Saturday, with Kathy and Marti taking a cruise on the tall ship, Appledore IV. Once out in the bay, it was full sail, but I couldn't get a picture.

One of the highlights of our stay at Port Crescent, was the look-out at the day use park. Birds of prey are a common site there, especially bald eagles. We didn't see any, but the sound of the birds, and the quiet peaceful surroundings were just beautiful. Here, Marti is looking through the telescope over the terrain. Claire watches on.
Daddy helps her see through the telescope.
Wendy and Dan are quite the recyclers! What an imaginative way to make tent lights! Mustard bottles, old pill bottles, and caps make a colorful display! I thought this was so clever! And you'll never see them anywhere else!
Evenings ended by the fire pit, s'mores were our special treat, and a pleasant end to the day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Camping at Pt. Crescent...Off to a Great Start!

Let's go Camping! Sure! I'll take the tent! It has 3 bedrooms, a huge living space, and so much room. So off we go! Me, my sisters Marti and Kathy, and our family friend who we adopted as our sister, Nancy. And time to put up the tent. Or try I should say,
Now come on! How hard can it be! I've had it for some time, and the box always said, easy assembly, can be set up in 5 minutes with one person! So what's wrong ladies, having a little trouble are we!?
Well, Nancy seemed to have a sense of humor about it, for maybe 5 minutes anyway, the alotted time to set it up, again, according to the box. But after trying over and over again, to no avail, I decided to call in reinforcements. The boys from the site behind us. Yeah, I did, I'm not proud that way. "You look like strong, intelligent men, could you possibly assist us in putting up this tent?" "Sure, no problem!! So over they came!
And about an hour later, back they went! They couldn't figure it out either. So on we tried, again to no avail. After watching the comedy of errors,
this young man, from the site on the other side of us, saw we needed some help and came to our rescue. Or so he thought! Well, an hour or so later, we dismissed him with a grateful heart, so he could get back to his site. He was just as frustrated as we were, and the 2 gents before him!
So, after trying in vain, here is our tent, all set up and ready to go! Different color you say!? Yep, we drove 20 miles to the nearest Wal Mart, where Nancy purchased a new one. The old one? Into the dumpster.
Oh well, this little guy lifted my spirits. He kept me entertained all the next afternoon. I'd throw down almonds, and he'd come right to my feet, stuff his pouches and take them back to his burrow. This went on all that day! What a little cutie! Chipmunks are the sweetest little guys, and the campground was full of them! So all's well that ends well! More tomorrow, but for now you can go to Mother Nature's Symphony to see some of the beauty that surrounded us on our trip!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Furry Friends Friday

Bobby was groomed yesterday, this is his new do! He loves going, dragged me into Pet Smart, through the store, and to the door of the grooming salon. Once in, he went right through the half door and to his groomer, Kaitlin. He always gets high marks on his report card!
For the next 3 days, I will be on a camping trip with my sisters and our friend Nancy. I'll see you then, and can't wait to play catch up with all of you! Have a wonderful week-end, and if you haven't already, pop on over to my new blog by clicking on the picture in the side bar.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because of the amount of pictures I've been taking, I have started another blog to showcase some of my favorites. Please pop over to Mother Natures Symphony, and enjoy what she has to offer!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boy I Hate It When He's Right......

Now what is she showing us? Some kink of weird tree growth? Back of some strange animal? Do I really want to know!? Well, none of the above. It's my floor. Ken warned me the other day, don't leave the iron plugged in, Bobby will knock it down, and somethings going to get burnt. Well, I heeded that one well... I heard the crash, Bobby came running, but did I get out of bed to investigate what trouble he got into? Noooooo. I fell back to sleep! And when I finally did get up, oh I'd say about an hour later, give or take, I found my iron, on the floor, (always hated that junk Ken haphazardly put down,) and when I lifted it, found the automatic shut off no longer works. When it fell, it turned on. Way on. So. Do I get a new floor, and forget my trip west? NO way! I'll throw a rug over it and call it good! I can live with that,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Close ups of a Different World

Love this picture, the close up with the back ground faded flowers.
This little beetle, floating on a leaf. I didn't see the other little bugs there.

Looks like corral doesn't it? It's growing on the side of our pine tree. In the first picture, you can see the spider web strung across it.

Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? It looks like a miniature of my Angel Trumpets, it's growing on a mound of dirt my husband got.

This baby cone flower looks like it's suspended in mid air!
When I looked at this picture, I was surprised to see this ant! Gives an idea of how tiny the flower is.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Morning in the Park

This morning I spent some time in Pine Grove Park, I enjoyed the time of solitude, and was joined by these seagulls,

and this squirrel, who kept me company and entertained me with his antics!
He stayed right by my table, and happily posed for me!
I know he was probably expecting some food, but I didn't have anything to give him.
But being that close to him was a real treat!

Friday, July 16, 2010

One Funny Lady!

Just in case you've never read Colleen's blog, (click on her name,) and even if you do, go on over an read her post today. I laughed til I cried! Colleen's sense of humor and quick wit astound me! You're a special lady Colleen, through it all you just keep keeping us in stitches!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


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I hope to hear from you soon!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It was a beautiful day out today, so I went to Vantage Point in town. It's on the St. Clair River, just before the mouth of Lake Huron. Boat Nerd World Headquarters are located there. I was hoping to catch site of the tall ships on their way up the waterways to Bay City. My hour long wait turned into the whole day waiting. So I took advantage of the situation to practice with my zoom lens. First I saw these geese, just lazing along the riverfront.

Across the river in Canada, this plane was taking off. I could barely see what I was taking a picture of it was so sunny, and everything reflected off the water.
So it was a treat when I downloaded the pictures and found they turned out so well, from such a distance!

Then I took pictures of the two church towers that are inland in Canada. I never noticed the different crosses, as they're so far away!
I caught this picture of a seagull on top on one of the lights. And then, what I'd been waiting for! A tall ship from Germany! Wait a minute...the sails weren't up, and it looked no different than any other big sail boat as far as I'm concerned, oh well, I can chalk that up to what my Dad would say, "Nah I don't want to go, I saw one of those once." Nice picture though,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Little Preston!

Our little Preston is growing so fast, at 1 1/2 months, he's just cuter by the day. He's starting to smile a lot, and his eyes are so big!

Aunt Robyn takes a turn with him, after I finally gave her permission. ;)
and Momma Becky just adores her little Bubba Man.
Look at that face!! How can you not want to smother him in kisses!
I could hold this child all day. He's my little sunshine guy!