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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Miss Lost Her Self

Am I behind the times, not with it, or old fashioned? I'm referring to childrens beauty pageants. I've watched in amazement, Toddlers in Tiara's, and Little Miss Perfect, and am shocked at what these mothers put their daughters through! Today alone, I saw one woman put her little girl through tanning treatments which she does on a regular basis. There's some melanoma in the making. Another who spray tans her daughter, a child wearing caps so her missing teeth don't show, and a little girl cringing as her mother rats her hair and makes her sit still while ten tons of make up are applied to her little innocent face, making her look like a hooker ready for the streets. One girl, slipped on some of her beads during her Wow Wear part of the competition, and fell off the stage. The first thing her mother said when she reached her daughter who was in obvious pain, to get back up there and finish. She was hurt! They weren't sure if she broke her leg or had a bad sprang! So after taking her back stage and putting ice on her leg, they put her limping self back on stage to finish. When she came in second, the tears flowed because she messed up by falling. It was pitiful! The mother and judges equated it to getting back on the horse. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent for clothing, wow wear, make up, consultants who train them how to walk the runway and perfect their talents, (whatever talents a toddler to 10 can possess) gas money to transport their little show pieces to the competitions where a handful of parents sit and coach them from the audience. And all for a grand prize of a trophy and a thousand dollars! I've seen some of the rudest children ever, and those who cry because they want nothing to do with fulfilling their mothers lost dreams of stardom. Then, when they lose, they are little basket cases that wonder why they aren't good enough. Then on the news today, a woman is defending giving her 8 year old beauty princess botox treatments all over her face. She says every mother should do this for their daughters. I don't think it is I who has lost her mind. I think it's these women trying to live through their daughters. At their expense. Am I wrong? Or just stuffy?!


Pearl said...

No! your not wrong, it's disgusting what they do to these kids. The women who gave her daughter botox should be given a stiff jail sentence and the daughter ought to be taken out of the home until mom? can do right by her. And they call this good television?

Diane said...

You're not wrong Laurie. JonBennet Ramsey comes to mind when you describe this. Very, very sad to rob our children's childhood I think. I think sports can be that way, too. Many times I wonder where the daddy or mommy leaves off and the coach takes over. I'm sure the kids wonder this, too. Diane

Kim said...

You are sloop right!, I've never seen one of these shows, but it seems like a lot of what you describe would be grounds for abuse. Many parents these days just don' think about the long term affects of what they do to their kids. Very sad.

kathy said...

We won't know the long term effects (damage) done until these babies get older. Self esteem has to take a beating when they don't 'win' - and other little girls become competition instead of friends. I won't watch the shows. I don't want to encourage the stupid mothers by upping their ratings.