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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Secret Millionaire

With all the negative programming on t.v. anymore, it's hard to find a good show. I just finished watching "Secret Millionaire". If you've never seen it, the premise is that a millionaire, posing as a man doing a documentary while volunteering his time, will visit an impoverished area in the U.S, get to know the people who offer their help and time, then donate money to those who do work from their hearts to aid those in need. Tonight was skid row in CA. Skid Row could be a city in itself. Fifteen thousand homeless street people reside there. Many have lost their homes, are handicapped, mothers and their children; the conditions were shocking. I was so touched by the generosity and love of people in their mission to help. One man handing out clothing, sleeping bags and hygiene kits gave a elderly gentleman with a walker the shoes right off his feet after someone sleeping near him on the sidewalk defecated on his. This show was so touching. You realize these are real people, living in real defestating situations. One hundred thousand dollars is split between those who are doing their best to help their fellow man. It makes me wish I had more to give, and more ways to help. So I will search. I know there are things we all can do that will make life better for someone less fortunate. Won't you join me?


Catherine said...

I saw the commercials and it looked really good but I forgot to watch it. I will try to catch it next time ~ thanks for the review Laurie!

And you are right ~ even a little bit makes a big difference!

xo Catherine

Diane said...

Hi, Laurie, I do what I can which doesn't seem like enough. But I pray, I can pray and God will hear. Blessings, Diane

Pearl said...

I just watched it to Laurie and it brought me to tears. Yes give us more shows like this!! I felt just like you women, it made me want to run out and start in my community. I just love these feel good shows. It's a different millionaire next week. I'll be watching.

Name: Amanda said...

We don't have a tv (I got tired of feeling manipulated). However, a show like this would be really inspiring! We need more messages/stories/shows like this don't we? Uplifting and generous. You do make a difference EVERY DAY! A smile, holding the door open for someone, or just petting your little sweet fur babies. It ALL makes a difference. Keep on keepin' on!

Catherine said...

I watched this show on Sunday night ~ yes ~ it was very good! I will watch it again!
xo Catherine


Hi Laurie, just found you lovely blog! I have watched Secret Millionaire (US) over here and I must say I have ended up in tears each time! Wouldnt it be great to make a real difference to a persons life? Have a great weekend and I will surely look in on you again! xx

Kim said...

I also saw that show. I found it very touching. I tried to catch it this past week as it was the owners of CURVES, which I belong to. But the weather didn't cooperate, and knocked out our dish. It's nice to see people helping others.