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Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Toby!!

I feel like a failure. And I learned a big lesson. I saved these kittens thinking I could tame them and they could get good homes through the humane society. When that didn't happen, I convinced Ken to let them live here, and Toby and Tyler became part of our family. It was up to me however to earn the money to have them neutered, wormed and get their shots. Finally able to have a garage sale to earn the money, I set the date for May. Too late. Toby has turned into a real tom. He's spraying in the house, destroyed a chair, and crys out of control all day and night. With females in heat outside, his main goal has been set. Get outside. If I let him out, I'm putting his life in danger. If I take him to the humane society he will immediately be put down. Plus the chastising I will get for keeping cats I couldn't afford the medical for. So now I'm stuck. In my case, what would you do? Seriously, I need some answers. This is breaking my heart.


Name: Amanda said...



We adopted an adult male who was un-neutered, and he sprayed and was a wild thing. It almost broke my heart too. And I was terrified that it might not end. But it did. Immediately after he was neutered he stopped spraying. He is still a wild child, but in a good way. Don't freak out yet. Get him neutered ASAP though. Good luck, Amanda

Diane said...

Amanda knows what she's talking about. I'm so proud of her and her knowldege about creatures. Blessings, Laurie, you ARE NOT a failure!!! Diane

Kthey said...

Mother Nature wins again :) It's a male thing. You just need to get him neutered and he will settle down. I wonder if it would have made a difference with my ex - no, some things just can't be 'fixed'

Catherine said...

Very heartbreaking Laurie. I don't know what to say. Is there anyway the vet could work out a 'neuter now pay later' kind of deal for after your garage sale? Let the vet know your situation ~ perhaps they can swing a deal!!

Good luck!!
xo Catherine

andsewon said...

PETA sponsors free or reduced snip vans in some areas contact them or the local humane society. Yes it will all stop pretty much as soon as he is fixed.
Just mother nature doing her thing.

Pearl said...

I wish you the best Laurie! Lola has some good advice, let us know hon.