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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Totals!

We received this e-mail from our Pawzaar director today, and I'm so excited about this. As I said, this is one of our biggest fundraisers, and the results were the best ever!

Well guys, hold on to your hats...when all money was recounted our new grand total is:


It's not unusual for the final totals to change but this is just fantastic! And we haven't heard how much we are getting from Billy Boy's Diner yet. (Billy Boy's is a restaurant that donated 10% of meal totals from patrons who presented a coupon that was handed out at the Pawzaar. They saw an increase in business, and new patrons, we reaped the benefits.)

This is the highest amount we have ever made at any Pawzaar in it's 27 years. One year we did $16,000 but that was because a gentleman who always gave us $2000 at Xmas time gave it to us at the Pawzaar that year (of course we flipped out). But this $15,728.60 was all earned thru your hard work. The display was spectacular, we probably had the most stuff we've ever had and we had the hardest working, best people working in the world!

This will help buy lots of food, medicine, toys, spay and neuter of lot of little guys giving them that wonderful second chance at their new forever homes.

You guys are the best!

Judy :-)


Diane said...

And so are you the best, Laurie. I'm so glad animals have such good friends as people like you and people with energy to do this kind of thing. God love you.

Pearl said...

Awesome Laurie! what a great cause you really rock and all the others that donated. Oh we love our animals! Great job!
I hope your feeling better and yes my computer can crash also. I noticed whenever I go on blogs I have all kinds of problems. And yes I tell people I have security and all that but it still happens all the time! On certain blogs everytime I go in I have problems so I have had to quit visiting them. Bummer! I hate virus people!! Come see my good news too. Blessings, Pearl

Jayne said...

How wonderful Laurie! :c)

SweetAnnee said...

Awesome totals..congrats to you