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Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank God for Chiropractors, And What's With Pajamas!?

I went today for my appointment, and what a great experience! She is just an angel, had me call my Dr. to get my ex-rays so she could save me money on having new ones taken, and did a quick adjustment today til I get them on Monday. I feel a lot better, though sore, as she said I would be. But I can turn my head without any pain, and can actually hold my head up again. The pain in my shoulder is still there, but not as bad. After more thorough adjustments that will be gone also.. So right now I'm so relieved. I know there is a light at the end of this long dark tunnel, and I can't wait to feel good again. Today was a great start!!

Now on to more serious business. I would really like to address women and wearing pajamas in public. You've seen them, they drop their kids off in school wearing them, they go to the post office, the store, anywhere their errands may take them. So here are a few questions my sister and I would like to have the answers to. If you wear yours in public, sorry if I offend!
1. Do you wear the same pj's during the day that you wore to bed last night?
2. If so, do you wash and put on clean underwear? (If not, Ewwww!)
3. If so, when you do the previous, is it really that difficult to just put on some pants?
4. Is the bed you climbed out of clean?
5. What is the proper foot attire with pajamas? Tennies, boots, bedroom slippers? I haven't seen heels though, How do you decide?
6. When did it become stylish to don your nightwear in public!? What's next, negligees?
7. Have you ever looked at the bottom of your pajamas? Do you notice the dirt that has adhered to them?
8. If you keep them on all day, do you change them before you go to bed? Or is that when you put on your jeans? Or do you just go to bed naked and save them for the next morning?
9.How do you differentiate between daytime and night time pajamas? Do you wear your raggy ones to bed then switch to errand pajamas when going out of your house? Or do you wear your good ones to bed and we the public get to view the raggy ones? I mean how are we supposed to know the difference?
10.Are you at all embarrassed to wear your pj's in public? If not, WHY!?

These are just some thoughts from an inquiring mind. In the mean time, I'll stick with wearing mine to bed.


Kim said...

I can honestly say I have NEVER worn pajamas outside of my home...well, maybe out onto the porch and from the camper to the bathroom at a campground,but never as daily attire! I'm interested to see if you get answers to your questions!

I'm glad the chiro helped.

Jayne said...

So glad to hear that the chiropractor helped Laurie. I have found that most of them are genuine kindhearted souls who will do their best to help.

No clue about the PJ question. I see women in Wal-mart in them too... it's odd to me really.

Diane said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I'm so glad you're feeling better and that she was able to help you. Thank you, God.

I have been know to slip outside to turn the sprayer on early in the morning and maybe check on a few flowers. But we have a wooden fence around the house and I'm hopong nobody sees me. In public - never! I don't feel like I look very good when I do the full nine yards - like putting on some lipstick!!!
No cartwheels for a while now, hear?

Pearl said...

Your right about that! Many Americans do this because we have become a lazy society! They know who they are! No wonder our country has gone to pot. Lazy...and yes they do walk around in sexy skimpy barely clothes. Haven't you seen the emails "People of Wal-mart"? I'll send it to you, it's disgusting and absoutely amazing what people will do?
On a lighter note, I'm so happy to hear that you are doing better! Keep on smiling God is with you. Now let me find that e-mail....

Charmingdesigns said...

That is so funny.

Marilyn said...

Now this isn't something I have thought of. Here I sit in my pj's, but I am on my way to the shower now and then jeans for the day. I don't ever see people out and about in pj's. I have been know to go in my backyard, but that is it.

Good to hear the chiropractor is helping.

C said...

First- so glad you're feeling better and the PJ's? One of my hubby's pet peeves..and mine!

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Lois said...

Hi Laurie.
I am so glad that your Chiropractor is helping. I am a firm believer in them myself. I really believe that they can help with almost any problem. I know it can get depressing being in pain like you are, but keep your hopes high and dig in for the long haul. There IS relief for you in the future! As for PJ's in public. (I assume you mean just the bottoms not the top and bottoms....that would be just too weird!) Yes, I see it all the time. Usually on younger people. Although last week I did see a woman that had to have been in her late forties shopping in her PJ's. Even my Hubby commented on her and he usually ignores everything. She looked absolutely ridiculous. Do these people not look in the mirror before they leave the house? Who knows? I guess it is a sign of the current times. Laziness seems to have taken place for common sense.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy (and pain free) New Year in 2010.

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