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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I was to have my MRI. So after being on the phone with Blue Cross Blue Shield for TWO HOURS, I found out though our insurance covers it, we have not met the deductible, so we would have to pay for the entire procedure. At the MRI facility. We don't have that kind of money. So, needless to say, I couldn't have it done.
I'm so frustrated. This is a dead end road. I'm stuck with this condition now, as we've gone as far as we can trying to get it treated. I don't know what else to do. To think of going through this forever is more than I can bare. To any who don't believe we need some kind of government health care, I say walk a mile in my shoes. Or the shoes of any who go without medical treatment because they have no insurance coverage and can't afford to get any. And for the blue collar workers who toiled their life away, because they couldn't afford to retire and lose what health benefits they had. (A friend of Ken's had to work into his 70's to care for his chronically ill wife because he would lose his health care when he retired. They were penniless when he did, because he had to purchase high premium insurance just to keep her alive.) There is no easy fix. My only hope is to move to Canada. Not an option.
I always said I would never take a political stand on this blog. And I'm sorry if I offend anyone. I hope I lose none of you as friends, but this is also a journal for me, and I'm really upset right now.


Utah Grammie said...

I'm so sorry - my sister paid almost $1000/month for health insurance because she lost her job and had a heart condition - now she has cancer..never ending. I hope there is a way at some point for you to either get the treatment or to get better.

I needed to have the BRCA1 test for my breast cancer and I "thought" I had checked with my insurance company (called 3 times - was told it was covered)then the place that did the test told me the most I be liable for is $350 - hard but not impossible -only to get a final bill of $900.00 - oh yes, my portion was $350 but the insurance company failed to tell me I had a $500 deductible (we thought we had met this with hubby's motorcycle accident - seems he met HIS but I didn't meet mine)

Screwy. I think they do this to purposely mis-lead us..

Pearl said...

I'm with ya honey! We work like hell just to afford medical. And it all goes to medical!!!!! My girlfriend is just like your situation and she just continues to work and make her condition worse because she has to! I hope and pray for you Laurie all the time. I'm praying for a miracle to come your way.

Kim said...

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Over the years we have needed to make payments on medical bills and have found the hospitals to be very good at setting up a monthly payment. Maybe it would be worth trying for that? I know how expensive insurance is too. When I had to have our family plan it cost me $1,000 plus what the school kicks in. We had to keep it until my son was out of college because he had two brain tumors and no one else would take him!
People are amazed when they hear what we pay because they "assume" that we have the same coverage as the other state employees--not true!

I will keep you in my prayers.

Diane said...

No, you aren't going to lose me for being upset with the medical system in this country. It's insane. I'm just really sorry you couldn't get the MRI. We're on Medicare and right now that seems to be iffy too, in fact it seems to me that if you're Medicare they don't even want to bother with you. Look at what they've done with the swine flu shots, put the older people at the BOTTOM of the ladder. Leonard has lupus and they won't give him one even though if he catches it that's the end for him. I don't think that changing it is going to be the answer either, it would be the first thing the government got right! So much for getting wound up!!

Diane said...

P. S. I just read Kim's comment and that might be an idea. Maybe you can make payments just so you can get over this hurdle and get on to some treatment.

Marilyn said...

You won't lose me, I totally agree. I am thankful I qualified for medicare when I retired, but many are too young for that. My adult children have been without insurance for years and I just hold my breath for them.

Jayne said...

Oh Laurie... I am so sorry. You are right. SOMETHING has to give. It's just ridiculous that we are in this situation. Heck, nowadays, even with "good insurance" we are all just a major health event away from financial ruin. I will keep you and your sweet shoulder in my prayers.

andsewon said...

I am so sorry this happened. The suggestion of working with the MRI facility to pay off is a good one I hope you can try.In the long run it may cost you less then letting this go on and bloom into a bigger problem or drug costs.
I can assure you even with 'good insurance' there are deductibles, costs and co-pays!!
Sorry but I just have no faith in any politicians to fix our health care.

Prayers and warm thoughts sent your way,

The French Bear said...

Hi Laurie! Just so you know it is just as frustrating here in Canada. Yes we have coverage but only so much. My husband and I both pay thousands of extra dollars for coverage on top of our Health Care and yet we still can't get coverage for a lot of things......they do things like pay for one medicine and yet not the needles. If you are diabetic you have to buy your own needles, silly isn't it. It doesn't sound as bad as you have it though! It is really too bad everyone has to live this way. We also have friends who have to work until they are in their 70's to pay for coverage.
I don't understand where all the government's put the money they get from taxes and surcharges?
I hope that you are feeling better and I wish things would be easier for you!!!
I am glad to exchange gifts with you through Deena.
I am off to put yours in the mail!!!
Happy Sunday!
Margaret B