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Friday, February 22, 2013

Up North Fun

While at Jay's, my sisters went into his sauna.  I have an aversion to 170 degree  heat, so I went in long enough to take some pictures.  Because of  the attire, my sisters would kill me if I posted those!
My brother went in later.  With a sauna, you go in for so many minutes until you've had enough, then go out in the cold. Or, as he did, go into the frozen pond.  Look at the steam coming off of him! Since your body is so hot, you don't feel the freezing water, and it's not for that long, only til you feel a tingle. Then you go back in. I've been told a good sauna is 3 repetitions of this. The benefits of a sauna are many, I just am not that adventurous!
My sister Marti taught Claire how to waltz, and she picked it up so quickly!  Claire was a natural!
She really enjoyed all the fun moves.
Great job Miss Claire!  And your teacher!


wendy said...

Are you ready to go back? I am!
Great pictures!!!

kathy said...

I think you should post the sauna pics! :) Wendy and I were covered. Can't you 'paint' a shirt on Marti? :)
Love the pictures you've posted so far. It was too much fun. Ready to go back when you are!

Jayne said...

Nope, not me either Laurie!

Catherine said...

Hmmmm....I don't know...that looks pretty cold my friend!!
xo Catherine