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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Gift for Me!

 I was coming out of Joann Fabrics
and the woman in the car next to mine
asked if I'd like some flowers.
 She had bought some for a friend and didn't like the carnations
in the arrangement so she took them out
and put them in her trunk.
Loving carnations myself, I gladly took them.
The little bud vase I bought at a the Pawzaar.
It holds the carnation buds perfectly!
Andy sitting on my shoulder looking
quite regal, I think!


wendy said...

Looking Regal???????

Terri's ThreadArt said...

You deserved those flowers!!!! What a wonderful thing to happen!
Your cat is amazing! It's almost spring ~ hope your feeling better:)

Pearl said...

It's so nice when a stranger does something for you, I really love that feeling and will do it to others as often as I can. Enjoy! Hugs, Pearl

kathy said...

'In the eyes of the beholder' comes to mind...
But the flowers are lovely in that pretty vase.

Jayne said...

Carnations last forever too! What a nice gift.

Catherine said...

Well wasn't that a sweet surprise! Pretty!
Cats know they are royalty. ;)
xo Catherine

Kim said...

A gift of flowers is always a good thing!

Name: Amanda said...

Andy is VERY regal!!! What a sweetie! How nice to get some free flowers too.

Name: Amanda said...

I think Andy is very regal! What a sweetie. I love it when your day has unexpected kind gestures from strangers. Makes your whole day!