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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Splendor

Last fall, the colors were nothing to speak of. It seemed the trees went from green, to brown, to bare. This year, is completely the opposite. The colors already are so vibrant.
These maples along our road are so beautiful.
And the sumac is the brightest red.
I went for a ride around our area to take pictures, and no matter which way
I looked, the view was amazing.
I mean look at the contrast!  Gorgeous!
I hope you have the opportunity to take a drive,
and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.


Diane said...

It sure has been a beautiful year for fall color hasn't it? These are so pretty. Diane

KIM said...

Spectacular! Love the colors this year!

Pearl said...

Brillant and alive! I love fall also, Hugs Pearl

Jayne said...

Ooooooo.... so pretty! I hope our recent rains will provide just as vivid a landscape in a few weeks. :c)

Name: Amanda said...

I envy your REDS!!! How amazing. The colors are so vibrant. Our leaves are just about gone . . . and we had snow last Friday. I wish our fall lasted longer. Enjoy yours for me!

andsewon said...

So beautiful! When we went down to NC last Sat some leaves were just beginning to change. So will be another week or so here till in full Fall swing!
Hope to get in a drive to the mts for apples to enjoy it!

Marilyn said...

Your colors are beautiful and so much more vibrant than what we usually get here. Thanks for sharing!