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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Piece of History

When Ken and I bought our first home, we knew it was over 100 years old. When we built our current home on the same property, we sold the original to my niece and her husband. Tonight, they started to remodel one of the rooms, and tearing down the wall they found old newspapers and a Young Ladies Journal used as insulation. The date on the journal is July 1, 1883.
Robyn, her son Jason, and I were able to piece some of the remnants back together.  The clothing
from this period is so pretty, with this one I wish we could have found the rest of
her face, the bonnet is beautiful.
We love the bustled dresses and aprons.  Though I could never have stood the hot confining clothing,
I find the styles so feminine and attractive.

How I would love to have this fichu, it's gorgeous!
And look at this handsome gentleman, a picture from an old newspaper.
All the old thrashers and machinery from the late 1800's, Ken and Jason enjoyed looking at.
Then there was this ad, that we all found so interesting. It's advertising Edison Lights.
Looking closely, you can even see the patent date for his light. Click on the pictures to see
more closely. What an interesting, educational evening. Even the triplets, now 10, found it very intriguing!.


kathy said...

That is incredible! I will have to go this weekend to look at their findings!

Diane said...

Very cool find. Diane

Catherine said...

Isn't it amazing how they used to insulate houses? Of course, the catalogue was always good in the 'biffy' too! ;)
xo Catherine

Kim said...

How cool! LOVE finding things like that. If you built your home, future owners would love to find pictures of the process. I found an aerial photo of our place back when the barn was still here along with some other buildings. I'm planning to leave a little book of photo to have passed down.

Jayne said...

Wow Laurie! That is SO neat! What a discovery!

Pearl said...

Very cool, would have loved digging that up. Have fun!

Sharon said...

Your holding a little bit of history in your hands. I hope you frame it. Just wonderful. When I lived in Minnesota we found arrow heads and an old oxen bow while planting a garden. It really takes one back in thought, doesn't it.

Mary Ann Potter said...

I googled "Young Ladies Journal" and found some fabulous sources for more information ---even a whole gallery of pictures from that magazine. You definitely need to take a look at them! I enjoyed this post so much. I love, love, love old magazines. You found a treasure.

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Hi Laurie, Thanks so much for your comments on my blog <3
It was fun catching up on your blog ~ this is amazing ...the papers they found in the walls. How exciting! We found some weird stuff in ours too and saved all the old nails we could. They are fun to use around the house. Continue to enjoy the coming fall! Sending love to you and yours ;)