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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Really hot! It reached 100 here today, and as far as I'm concerned, it was much hotter than that! Factor in the humidity and it's unbearable!! I walked outside to make sure the chickens still had cool water, and it only took a couple seconds to check and come back in. They are faring well, with plenty of shade and a corner of cool dirt to lay in. I'm ready to find a dirt pile for myself!
I am keeping cool though, by staying inside by the ac, drinking lots of cold water, and working on my embroidery. I'll be so glad when it breaks Sunday, although the weather men say that a cold front is going through tonight, bringing the high tomorrow to 90. Really!? What are you doing to stay cool, if you're in the middle of this heat wave?


Diane said...

It got cool here last night but that's the first time - maybe it's on your way. It was 90 here today. I think the humidity makes it so much worse. Stay cool Laurie. Diane

Sharon said...

I feel for you and I hate to complain but we have had no summer at all. Mostly rain although they say the next 3 days are suppose to be nice...we will see.
Copics are colored markers that are permanent and there are well over 100 of these pricey little gems. They are refillable and have 2 different tips on them. I just plain love them. Google copic marker tutorials to get all the details. I use copic sketch markers.. Hope this helps.Sharon

Pearl said...

We have had a stormy summer with some hot days like today but only 82 thank goodness. I keep busy taking care of this house and Grandbabies right down the road, taking them to the library with AC and tagging my goodies for the store to sell. Our 1st month was o.k. it paid the rent plus $80 in my pocket. Poor Sis made nothing but were on the hunt this Saturday so wish me luck!

Catherine said...

I'm meeeellllllttttttting! More snow please. ;) KIDDING!!!!

Happy Friday Laurie!
xo Catherine

Kim said...

We're HOT too! Heat indices of up to 115 and heat advisories almost every day for the last three weeks or more. It's getting old. I try to stay indoors during the worst of the day and pull weeds early in the morning, although some mornings it's already unbearable by 7am. I'm ready for some fallish weather!