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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hoo Hummmm

Nothing will make my eyes glaze over faster than my husband coming in from a long night next door in the garage telling me what he and my nephew worked on, and how they fixed it. I mean really, it would be like me coming home from Tisha's, where I get my embroidery supplies and telling him about the new stitches I learned. I go into tune out mode, with the occasional uh-huh to make him think I'm really listening, but really I couldn't be more bored listening to him ramble on. So I decided to take the what happens approach. I simply reply, "What happens in the garage STAYS in the garage! Let's see how long it works!


Diane said...

Good luck!!!!
Great to hear from you Laurie. Thanks for your comments. Diane

Pearl said...

Good Luck I know of where you come from. I just tell mine the truth talking cars to me is like watching paint dry. He gets a sheepish smile and says yeah I know. He just can't help himself because its what he loves. I just start talking about my blogs and pretty soon he hasn't heard a word I've said and gets quiet :)

Name: Amanda said...

We really are SO different aren't we? Why is that? I guess we just have to appreciate the differences in each other. That's the point.

Catherine said...

LOL ~ that's funny! That's why I never talk about work when I am at home. I'm too scared hubby is going to then tell a story about his work!! ;)

Good luck with that Laurie!
xo Catherine

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness and I thought I was the only one....! LOL