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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pretty But Not So Pretty!

Well we didn't escape the warnings last night, and as much as I'm so done with winter, I have to admit it is beautiful outside.
Heavy snow and ice brought the pine branches to the ground. Can you see the bird feeder in there?
Looking off to the east, the black sky shows that our Canadian neighbors are getting the brunt of the storm right now.
Looking down the trees that line the drive way, gives another contrast to Canada.
Outside the porch, our "forest" as the triplets call it.
Our front yard, yes it is pretty. For right now, but please! Enough already!


Pearl said...

Dang! that's a lot of snow, enough is enough. We had 60 degrees today and i sat on the balcony is was lovely. Maybe you need to fly over here as it doesn't look like your getting enough sunshine?!

Diane said...

It DOES make pretty shots but I'm with you, snow is getting tiresome. Unfortunately, we can still get snow into June around here. Blessings Laurie, Diane

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Spring will spring..I promise! Have I told you how I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header picture?? The sparkle in your eyes is amazing..Love it!

kathy said...

Beautiful pictures, Laurie. I took some of my trees, too. I'll enjoy them when I look at them this summer, when I'm melting in the sweltering heat :) But right now, I'd like to see some blossoms on my Magnolia tree instead of ice ornaments.

keri said...

Whoa... plenty snow.. and it is beautiful. Thanks for stoppin in at Always Curtsy and offering your two cents on the passing of Liz Taylor. She was a beauty, inside and out. What can you say about an icon....

have a great weekend and one more thing.. how come there's no follow button on this blog? Hmmmmmm!! more later, Keri

Name: Amanda said...

That sky does look ominous! Wow! Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a black and white photo . . . that's kind of what it looks like in your world too! Keep warm ! Amanda

Catherine said...

Booooooooooo!!!!!!!! No more snow please!!! Grrrr....

Can totally relate.... :(

Keep warm Laurie!
xo Catherine