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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Beautiful Day for Bridges and Pictures

Chad took the whole afternoon off today, so we could visit two of the last 3 bridges. It was so pretty out, the weather was fantastic. The first bridge we visited was the Hogback, which was my favorite.

The Hogback was built in 1824, and is 97' long. It sits in it's original spot, and is named for the limestone quarry at the end of the river.

The wooden floor of the bridge really shows its age, I loved walking it, becoming one with its past.
The last we visited was the Cedar Bridge. It was also featured in The Bridges of Madison County. Built in 1883, it was burned to the ground on September 3rd of 2002. It was rebuilt with authentic materials, and to the specifications of the original bridge.

It's the only bridge that traffic can still travel on, as the picture of my little family driving through shows.
Here are some shots taken during our day trip.
Tara and Kiley.
Kiley jumping on the river bed below the Hogback.
She didn't know I was taking this awesome picture.
At the gazebo by Cedar Bridge.
Again at Hogback riverbed.
What an amazing, fun day!


Jayne said...

What beautiful landmarks and how lucky you were to visit them Laurie. I love that photo looking through the bridge where you can really see the flooring. Amazing!

Diane said...

Great history of our county and how wonderful that you could enjoy them with your family. Diane

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Your photos are amazing!!! I just love them!

Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures - again! See you when you get home :)

Kim said...

Great photos. I'm so glad you were here to enjoy our beautiful fall Iowa weather! It looks like you've had a wonderful time!