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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day In Madison County

Today was a beautiful day for a drive, so we took advantage of the weather to go into Madison County. Our first stop was the birth home of John Wayne. Packed full of the history of his life, it would have been great to get pictures, but none were allowed inside. So we took advantage of the front of his home for some photo ops. He was born in this house, and his family lived here for the first 18 months of his life, before moving to another city in Iowa, then California.

Ken and I
My little family, Kiley, Jenny, Chad and Tara.
Ken and I and the girls.

We then went on a trip to see the Madison County bridges. We couldn't get pictures of the first one we saw, because an obnoxious family was playing in the bridge and wouldn't get out so that we could. But next to the bridge was this stone one, so I got these cute pics of my beautiful grand daughters.
By this stone bridge, was a road winding up to this old castle. It was built in memory of someone, I didn't see the plaque explaining. It was quite cool though, and we climbed up the steps inside. Tara and Kiley are looking out the top.

Ken and Tara at the very top. The stairs to the the top were quite rickety so I didn't chance going up that far.

My little family at the bottom.
Ken and the girls by the openings that look over the mountains.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the three bridges we visited. In all, it was a perfect day, ending with a dinner of home made escalloped potatoes with pork. Awesome, after last nights baked spaghetti. Lord help me not gain a ton of weight!!


Jayne said...

What a fun day you had Laurie! You have a beautiful family.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

What a - beautiful great day! Love the photos of your granddaughters - you must be so proud..and happy!

The home of John Wayne..LOVE the way it's places - kinda kitty-corner!
Thanks for taking us along ~

Kim said...

Great photos! What a great day you had. If you have time be sure to check out this quilt store in Ankeny:
Quilter's Cupboard
706 SW 3rd Street
Ankeny, Iowa and--

Creekside Quilting
9926 Swanson Blvd
Clive, IA

Both are GREAT shops for fabric! Have fun!

wendy said...

Great pictures of all of you! I love the castle!!! We'll have to plan another trip there.

Diane said...

Great shots of your family and your fun trip. I love the castle but the last two pictures of the girls standing in the windows make me shudder!!! Diane

AverettLadyNana said...

Looks like a beautiful day with your family!!! Love the castle, stone bridge and of course John Wayne's birthplace. My husband a HUGE FAN of the Duke.