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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What You See on the Outside....

Andy is my constant companion. If you haven't met him in previous posts, he was adopted from our humane society where I did volunteer work. He's 2 now, but as a kitten, people would come in to look for a pet to adopt, and Andy was always made fun of for his "different" looks. No one bothered to look beyond those eyes and into his soul. I guess that's what attracted me most to this poor little creature, brought in sickly, wormy, and undernourished. As a person who has put up with the same treatment, I knew what it was like for him. Andy had to come home with me. Since that day, he has become my little man. His personality far outshines what others consider to be the homeliest creature they've ever seen. Andy, short for Andromeda, a heavenly place of beauty, has a heart of gold, a funny attitude, is a true pal, and the light of my life. We could all take a lesson from this little cat. Don't judge on race, color, attractiveness, or one's religion. Get to know a person and what they stand for before passing judgement. Especially in this day and age, it's time to let go of prejudices and embrace one another in love. Now go in peace, serve the Lord.


Diane said...

Such a sweet picture of you and Andy. I always thought he was incredibly elegant, like porcelain. I think YOU are the one with the heart of gold, Laurie, to rescue this beautiful creature. If you feel like reading stinkpot studio (my daughter)under my day brighteners, you'll find another person like yourself.

Lois said...

Hi Laurie!
What a beautiful cat!
Very strinking!
I love his name.
I agree with you, people are too quick to judge by the outside and not by the inside. I wish more people thought like you and me.
Thank you for sharing with all of your readers. I, for one, truly do appreciate you!

PS: When you dropped by my blog the other day you didn't get the joke. The joke was that the ring would turn green eventually because the metal was cheap copper not gold. I assume the lassies finger would turn a lovely shade of green as well. Poor girl. LOL!

Pearl said...

Hi Laurie, you are truly a sweet heart and a saint for your little baby. Every creature every person is worthy of love. Have a wonderful day.

Jayne said...

What lovely thoughts to share that we all should embrace Laurie. For, it's never about what's on the outside. :c)

Melinda Cornish said...

you two look like you belong together and you do! Animals are wonderful and why anyone would neglect them or be cruel I have no idea......I am so glad you have Andy and that Andy has you......