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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Is Happening to US!

I've never wanted this blog to be a place to air politics. I still don't. But I am afraid. I can't watch the news anymore, I can't hear what is happening in our country. I've never seen such division, such hate, prejudice, heard such hateful fear mongering, and never thought I would in the United States. United. That's what we used to be. But not anymore. Far right conservatives striking fear into every one's hearts, spreading their propaganda, I feel like the days of Nazi Germany have returned, only we are the targets this time. I fear for our President, who by the way is NOT the anti-Christ, and I fear for the black members of congress who are facing threats, racial slurs, violence and hatred. I fear for a country that has senators who can block congressional hearings at will, totally ignoring the needs of the people they were elected to represent. I fear for my family,and yours, who will suffer from the results of this upheaval, from those who have such disregard and disrespect for the people they serve. I want no comments to this from those who believe that this type of treatment is o.k., is deserved, or warranted. I've already heard your side. I ask all of you to please pray. Pray hard. For our leaders, for our President, and for us.


Jayne said...

Amen Laurie, amen my friend.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

It may be an unpopular view in blogland, but I TOTALLY agree with you.
He is our President. We asked for change. What is this, we take one step forward and 3 steps back??
People, what are we teaching our children about respect, about the value of listening, about valuses at all?

Yes, please pray..for ALL OF US..

Diane said...

Well said,Laurie. Prayer works the best. Diane

bumblebeebags said...

I do not condone the hate thats being spread (BY BOTH SIDES!!!!!) but I cannot support what I dont believe in. So I will respect your wishes and not comment any further because I do NOT believe in our President!