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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Bag, A Visit to TOPS

Well this bag didn't last long! I finished it before I went to my meeting, and my niece snatched it up when I got home! So I had it the total of one hour! Don't blame her though since it matches a black and white dress she has perfectly. I have lots more fabric, and found the cutest fabric at Joanne's to make another one.
The TOPS meeting was a disappointment since it was more of a social club than anything else. All the things that motivate, and make this organization work have been removed by vote from it's members. There are a couple more in town that I'll try while finding a meeting place to open my own. While talking to the area captain after the meeting, who runs a chapter the way it's supposed to be, the members lagging behind acted like I was going to rock their boat, which is not my intent. So upward and onward! I know the interim chapter is out there! Thanks again everyone! You Rock!!


Jayne said...

The good thing is that you know what a good place TOPS can be, and I am sure if you don't find a meeting place already suited to you, it will be no problem at all starting your own. You go girl!!

Diane said...

Maybe we should start calling you The Bag Lady - maybe that's your bag!! I'm proud of you for producing things like that, it's such a joy to create.

Diane said...

P. S. Could you please email me, Laurie, my computer crashed last week and I lost my addresses. Thanks

andsewon said...

love the bag!!
Stay busy that does help!!
Oh no sounds like they maybe should not be a true TOPS. The one near me is held in a local county park facility ...checked on it once but did not attend.
Just too much else going on health wise right now.
Good luck with yours!!

Pearl said...

Hey girlfriend!!! Nice to be on line now at my girlfriends she is on vacation and I'm watching the animals for her. I love this purse and I would have snagged it to! Very cool, talk to you soon, Pearl

Joan said...

I love those bags. They are cute.
Nice to see another blogger of my age. Looks like you enjoy blogging too!