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Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Special Memory

I remember my horse days. Twenty three years ago. I have owned several horses, this was my second, Calley. I adopted her from a horse farm that sends them to slaughter for dog food, and she was set to go. Calley was in very bad shape. Her hooves had grown out so badly that she could hardly walk. She was full of worms, and gaunt. Prime candidate for dogs. With much care, she became beautiful inside and out. She was such a gentle, sweet horse. And me? I was thin. Thin! I want those days back, and I want them now. I want my horse, I want the feel of the wind on my face as we galloped in the fields. I want my health. I want to ride again, it's a goal of mine, even if it's only on the merry-go-round.


bumblebeebags said...

thin schmin....you are still beautiful. I hear you about riding. My parents owned a horse farm in California and I soo miss riding. I had a horse named Spirit long before Disney did!!!

Diane said...

I read this blog with a lump in my throat. I'm sorry you don't still have your horse. I'm sorry for the things that are gone but I'm happy that you're my blogging friend and I don't give a rip if you're fat. I'm not fat, I'm fluffy - very fluffy.

Pearl said...

I had horse's too, one was Cinniman and the other was Tony. Loved my horses and riding through the desert with my friends, packing a lunch for the day and riding through the grape fields for desert. We would be gone all day, and my mother never had to worry. Aah were all a little older, and wider, but we have wisdom now!!!! But we can still ride a horse. Pack a lunch women I'm coming over!!