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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm going on vacation to Iowa!! My son and his family come here for spring break, and I'm going back with them on March 23 for 2 weeks! While on their break my dil is having a minor surgery, and must stay here til her final dr. appt. My grandaughters have to be back for school, so I'm going to go help while she is here. I can't wait, 2 weeks of alone quality time with my son, Tara and Kyley! I wish Jennie would be there too, but hey, she's going to be able to have more grandbabies for me soon so I'll be just fine with it!! They live an hour outside Des Moines, so it's Amish village and junk shopping for me! Plus, tons of time to spend with my family! Yeah!!


AverettLadyNana said...

Hope you have a good time and your daughter-in-law surgery goes perfect.

Julia said...

Hope all goes well for your DIL ...have a nice holiday..

Pearl said...

Oh congratulations!! It just sounds so freeing and restful. You deserve it kiddo. Have tons of fun and take pictures for us and shop, shop, shop! Wait I'm going to miss you? You can't go! Hope your relatives have internet so you can say hi! Have fun,Pearl

Diane said...

It's really nice to have something like that to look forward to, isn't it. Hope it's going to be a wonderful trip and that everything turns out fine with your DIL.

Kim said...

I hope we have good weather for you while you are in Iowa. You said you were going to an Amish village, so does that mean you're coming to Kalona?? Do you have any other places you want to visit? Do I remember correctly that your son lives by Des Moines? I'm full of questions tonight!